How do you attract patients to your dental practice?

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Marketing your dental practice to your patients is the small step your dentistry can take to achieve your goals. You can come up with a slew of dental marketing ideas if you analyze your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats resulting in attracting new patients.

13 dental marketing ideas to attract your dental patients

1. Initiate a referral program

Ask your current patients to refer your dental practice to the members of their social circles and family by providing them with special offers or discounts. A referral program will help your dental industry and your patients to establish a strong, mutually beneficial relationship.

2. Increase web presence

Creating fresh content regularly for your website and social media networks will allow you to build a relationship and increase your online visibility. Creating a video or uploading images and infographics of your dental practice can help your patients relate to your message.

3. Display testimonials

Testimonials are an extremely effective yet powerful method of demonstrating your reliability and authenticity. New patients gain an understanding of their credibility through others' experiences.

If your potential patients are willing to provide a testimonial, it can be provided in the form of a quote, video, or case study. Having testimonials on your website, email, and social media pages is an excellent feature. The marketing campaigns can help position your brand.

4. Join a forum

By joining your similar dental industry community, you will gain knowledge and insight into your field. Forums will make you more productive and familiar with the dental industry if you communicate with dental experts with similar goals and objectives. It's a great way to develop content ideas and boost your brand awareness.

5. Engage in question and answer platform

You can increase your visibility by using question and answer platforms such as Quora and Reddit to attract new patients.

By answering others' questions and linking them to your landing page, the question and answer platform will help you expand your dentistry practice. By doing so, you can gain prospective patient’s personal information and also convert more leads.

While providing answers on this platform, you will be recognized as an expert in dentistry practice. Your question can be created and linked to similar industry experts, or a response can be triggered.

6. Conduct webinar

To keep your patients engaged and focused, you can host an event like a webinar that displays your clinic’s expertise and explains what treatment you provide. To highlight this video to prospective patients, you can upload it to your YouTube channel, website, and social media pages.

7. Conduct a patients satisfaction survey

To measure how satisfied your patients are with your treatment, you can follow up with a survey after their appointment or send an email to check.

Your survey can be created with numbers or emojis to motivate patients to complete it. Adding a WHY? The question is optional if they dislike it.

8. Carry your business card to conferences

You must have your dental practice business card with you when you attend conferences so that those interested in your dental treatment can contact you.

9. Provide educational content

Create educational content for your website so that your patients can benefit from it. It’s possible that you might be unavailable to patients at times, so your website content will be useful during times of cavities, pain relievers or oral health home remedies.

10. Initiate paid advertising

with paid advertising, you can reach a wider range of patients. You can boost your appointment rate and gain better leads and loyal patients to your dentistry and reach the ones who need your healthcare.

11. Develop chat in your dental website

Develop a chatbox on your website so that your dental patients can directly communicate with you. Your prospective patients will perceive your practice as more professional.

12. Create your own dental blog

Blogs have proven to be more effective than websites. Regularly blogging can increase your visibility in search engine results pages. Adding a blog to your dental website makes it more personalized. In view of blogs' popularity, you do not have to invest time in creating a new structure.

13. Instill SEO in your content

Optimize your content for search engines to obtain organic traffic for your dentistry website. A good SEO strategy is essential to level up your dental website's exposure to your prospective patients.

Tested dental SEO strategies for your dental clinic

Keyword research for dentistry

Use long-tail keywords to help people find your dental practice clinic based on their location and comfort. Your priority and content should be reflected in the keywords you use.

  • Organic keywords for dentistry: Organic keywords are free forms of advertising that you can use to get your dental practice found naturally. Your content can be optimized for better clickthrough rates and conversion rates using keyword SEO strategies.

  • Dental paid keywords: Pay-per-click keywords are used for content promotion. These are paid keywords that increase the pay per click (PPC) and allow you to target patients who need an appointment.

Dental on-page SEO

As digital marketing is becoming more popular in marketing, it's important to optimize your dental on-page SEO for individual webpages to make sure you rank higher in SERPs. Your website's content and HTML should be properly optimized so that search engine crawlers are able to crawl your patient's keyword.

Dental off-page SEO

Share your dental website landing page link on your social media pages and build backlinks. By optimizing off-page SEO, you will be able to acquire more prospective patients and leads. Positive patient reviews will assist you in gaining more positive remarks, as well as organic results as your patient's review will have more keywords.

Dental technical SEO

Correcting broken links on your website will improve your search engine ranking and help your patients find your site. As a result, you will be able to attract quality patients to your dental practice and be ranked higher on search engine results pages.

Dental local SEO

You need to set up an account with Google My Business so that you can be listed in local search engines and be discovered by your local patients. Your local patients can learn more about your dental practice by generating press releases.

By creating educational and informative content, you can increase your organic search ranking and generate more quality leads. With the latest technology, you can keep your prospective patients informed about your brand and increase visibility through SEO.

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