Top 10 digital marketing strategies for dentists​

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Times have changed and there is competition in every field. If you are a dentist, you need a solid marketing strategy to treat more patients and survive. If you are a dentist who recently got your degree, you need effective dental marketing strategies to help you get covered. 

Check out the effective dental marketing tips and tricks for your profit.

1. Get an attractive website

The first step is to go digital. It is essential to have a website of your own. Hire a good software developer and optimize your site for better engagement. Put up a dedicated portfolio of your professional career but do not overexpose it. Keep it subtle to give a weightage to it. Also, keep your website clean, minimal and informative for a better user experience. People are more inclined towards getting everything from home. Add a book appointments option on the website can increase the number of patients and revenue.

2. Exist on Google

Enhance your presence on Google and make it a solid one. Put your geo-location on Google Maps because while searching about any place, the Google algorithm shows the map location on the top. Try to get good reviews and ratings for your clinic. Create a Google My Business (GMB) Page and stay active and updated on that. Getting a higher listing of your GMB profile would add significant value and convert your potential patients to your permanent patients.

3. Search Engine Optimization

The primary key to make your digital marketing successful is an excellent dental Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service. Invest in a long term and efficient SEO strategy that strengthens your marketing game. First, look for the proper keywords to redirect the searches to your website and your GMB profile. Then, execute the necessary steps to elevate your SERP ranking and get listed on the top of dental and oral health search results.

4. Social media platforms

Now that you have created your existence on Google, it is the perfect time to get your social media game going. Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram are nowadays substantial marketing opportunities. Since technology is now at our fingertips and the whole world is just a tap away, the most significant outcome is the vast population on social media platforms. Create accounts on each social media platform and share content regularly. Design engaging advertisements and posters to put up on social media and run paid promotions and ads.

5. Content marketing

Today, a business in the digital world grows when they add value for the people viewing it. Optimized and quality content never goes unseen and does not stay hidden. Try to add value to people through your digital content. You can create content in different forms, including informative blogs, detailed videos about various dental issues, tips for maintaining dental health, preventions, and precautions to avoid dental problems. Such content adds value and engages the audience.

6. Email marketing

It is one of the most effective methods. Collect email IDs from different sources like putting up survey forms on social media platforms, asking your website visitors to subscribe. Then, send regular updates to the emails. Let them know your business or if you are offering any sale or discount on occasions.

Emails need not always be promotional. Try to send informative audio-visual content which would increase your brand image. Contents like tips to take care of oral health in summer/winter, newer technologies and inventions in dentistry, guidance to tackle common dental problems would attract the recipients towards your business. Create a scheduled calendar for the entire year for the purpose.

7. Videos are the future

Create professional videos of the infrastructure of your business, the equipment you use, to post on all digital platforms. Videos are more effective than other mediums of communication. Use YouTube as a highly potential place to get patients for your dental clinic.

8. Be professional online

Develop your digital portrait as a highly professional one. Improve content quality by sharing professional and high-quality images to the digital platforms. Do proper gatekeeping before uploading. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes in your texts and blog updates. While responding to the viewers and visitors online, keep a professional profile and avoid getting carried away.

9. Philanthropy

Probably no digital marketing agency would suggest it but keep a little fund for philanthropy. As a medical professional, there is no harm in maintaining a balance with social responsibilities. Update your activities with decency on digital platforms. Such activities would elevate your brand image much higher, which would add value to your business. It attracts people to your business with a very positive attitude.

10. Grow locally

Before going berserk over the internet, try to target potential patients from your locality online. Push targeted ads based on location, keep looking at the local social media groups and discussions happening there. Initiate and take part in the oral health conversations and try to give suggestions for the same. It would help in online visibility, which might get converted to offline clients later on.

In the present day world, where marketing is a crucial aspect of any business or organization, a marketing strategy is an essential thing for everyone. And there is no harm in letting people know about the services you offer!

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