Top 9 dental marketing ideas during covid-19

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Many startup dental clinics have found it difficult to bring in more patients during the pandemic. But by using online sources, you can secure more patients, provide consultation and treatment to them, and establish a loyal patient base. As most of your dental patients can’t travel farther than your area, it is now your responsibility to take initiative.

9 dental marketing ideas you need to know about during covid-19

Create a blog or website

With the help of WordPress or Blogger, you can create your dental clinic blog to attract more dental patients. Websites are ineffective compared to blogs. A Website is organized into pages, while blogs are regularly updated and mostly serve as online journals.

Optimize local SEO

Getting listed on the Google My Business page and implementing local SEO techniques will help your dental patients find your website. Dental practices can benefit from local SEO since it is a great way to market and promote your dental practices online. This process helps your dental clinic reach local patients at exactly the right time.

Engage on Social media like Instagram and Facebook

Making content more accessible and easily readable to increase customer engagement on social media. You can caption videos and describe images for an effective result.

Maintain a regular social media presence. It is crucial to utilize Facebook and Instagram as they are the two most powerful social media tools to engage more potential patients and grow your dental clinic.

Create catchy content

An informative blog post or a social media post helps prospects and patients better understand your brand personality. Content creation is essential to the growth of your dental practice, and your website should be well organized with information that can attract patients.

Use Google Analytics to measure results

Reviewing the data in Google Analytics about your internal site searches is a great way to determine what your patients want from your dental practice.

Your patients want to know what you sell, so make sure you use the right words and phrases. A great deal of information can be gathered using Google Analytics, including patients' journeys, user experiences, online content, bounce rate, traffic source, etc.

Conduct Webinars

Through PowerPoint slides or videos, you can engage your patients and explain why dental treatment and consultancy is valuable, by using polls and chats. Webinars help in creating brand awareness and attracting more prospective patients to your dental clinic.

Referral Program

Creating a referral program will help you build social proof by creating familiarity with your brand and products among future customers. When they see the number of patients using your dental service, your prospective customers will try contacting you.

A referral program helps to increase sales by encouraging existing patients to recommend a brand to their peer group and family.

Personalized email and newsletter

Personalize email newsletters to gain loyalty from existing patients. Your true concern for their oral health will show through email and newsletters. A newsletter can be sent to them weekly or monthly, you can advertise your new service to them and remind them of their appointments.

Cold calling

It's often best to take a direct approach so that one can connect directly with your dental potential patients. Speak directly to your patients and show your emotions at the same time. It is advisable to cold call potential patients to convince them about your dental practice and clinic and help close the deal.

These are just a few ideas you can use to increase your dental practice's patients and revenue. You can get a better understanding of your patients and how they perceive your dental services with the help of online means.

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