What is Blog Writing?

A blog is a part where you publish information about your service, company, or product in a detailed way. Personalized blogs are self-published ones where the writers post anything which interests them.

Steps of Gully Sales Blog Writers

Target audience

Understanding our audience and their present-day interests, before finalizing the areas of writing

A domain name

To make your blog remember and read it often, we will come up with domain names that are unique and search optimized.

An outline

Our blog writers will provide you the outlines of how your blog should look like.


Choosing the real-time topics for a blog is not an easy one. You can decide with the formats of topics from the list that are search optimized


A real-time topic needs a headline that connects to the reader. We do it by analyzing the trends a reader believes in.


Adding Subheadings and pointers supports the tone of your blog more effectively

Images and Infographics

We've found that including infographics that blend with content adds a lot to your blog

White Space

From the perspective of a reader, we understand the importance of white space that doesn't make your blog look overfilled

Formatting checklist

From word counts to paragraph breaks, font, and structure we do have a checklist to format your blog just right.

Proofread and edit

We do reread multiple times so that any minute mistake shouldn't affect the quality of content


Our style of giving a conclusion will influence your readers to make a choice

Some of the preferred Blog formats in Gully Sales

1. 'How to' Blogs

“How to” blogs are the sources of a reader’s dilemma and doubt about a certain subject. “How to” blogs are intended to educate a reader, mentioning clear instructions, examples, In and out of a topic which is curated by multiple credible sources and thorough research.

In the following example, a blog about the small-scale business will include a lot of groundwork to provide comprehensive information to the reader. Blog on publishing a research paper will include all the prerequisites, writing format, content, etc.


  • How to start a small-scale business in India?
  • How to publish a research paper in Journal?


2. 'What is' Blogs

“What is” blogs are the requirements of readers. This means the reader needs a whole lot of information on a certain specific topic. It gives an introduction.

The blog defines a certain topic and provides comprehensive information that justifies the whole in-depth query of a reader. “What is” blogs are the perfect choices when you have to reach a reader through its definition and simplify the complex subject.


  • What is Copywriting?
  • What is an e-book? What are the advantages of it?

3. 'Why is' Blogs:

Why blog posts will answer all the questions regarding the “ Why” element of a certain subject. The “why” element for any topic needs justification.

In the following example, the answer will have to give the reasons why goal setting is important. Why soil erosion has to be prevented, What happens if it is not done, etc. The word “ why” decodes all the information regarding a subject.


  • Why is it important to set goals?
  • Why is it necessary to prevent soil erosion?

4. Guide

This format is more likely presented in a PDF or a booklet format or as an e-guide, with the brief steps. Guide format is usually used when you have to convey readers a procedure step by step and guide them to solve their question.

In the following example, Guide for Instagram business must include how to start it, what are the benefits, how it helps your business, etc. In the second one, a Guide blog will define the procedure of setting up a smartwatch into simpler steps that is easy to understand for the readers.


  • The ultimate guide to Instagram for Business
  • How to set a workout goal on a smartwatch?

5. Tips

This blog format gives a reader extra information about a certain topic. A reader has gathered some sort of information priorly about the topic but he needs it more from the authenticated and specialist to advise and give valid and present-day suggestions.

In the following example, to help the reader to achieve betterness in communication, the content should give some of the points that are not generic but well-researched and that adds to the existing information of a reader.


  • Tips to improve communication skills
  • 7 ways that influence you to have a better lifestyle

6. Listicles

We all love lists, as it is the easiest way to put the content neatly and systematically. Lists are a great source of knowing multiple things on a single page and are the most widely used format.

In the following example, the reader will get a complete list of what they were searching for, in a single stretch that helps the reader to get information easily, instead of referring to other sources.


  • List of Media Colleges in India
  • Top exotic places in India

7. Long Formats

When the blog needs to justify a topic with examples and facts to inform a reader thoroughly. Long formats include extensive research covering all the possible areas related to the topic.

In the following example, traveling in India might cover all the activities from financing to food and accommodation at every place. So this gives a complete picture of traveling in India and a reader can plan accordingly. The evolution of advertising has to be justified with all the historic acts and milestones.


  • This is how we traveled India with Public Transport
  • Know the evolution of advertising

8. Dos and Don'ts

Informing a reader with comparisons and reasons why they have to follow or not to follow a certain thing. In precise giving the advantages and disadvantages for a reader.

In the following example: The blog has to give information on what foods to eat and what foods to be avoided in summer to get rid of ulcers. Do’s and Don’ts of pregnancy have to provide practical answers that help pregnant women and give them cautions to look after their health.


  • Foods to eat during summer, to stay away from ulcers.
  • Dos and Don’ts during pregnancy

9. Facts and stats

Crafting your words through facts and representations. This blog post will include the exact numbers and information regarding a topic that are extracted from various credible sources.

In the following example, there is a definite number of people saying why remote work is more productive and for a reader, this kind of blog post provides exact information and not a theoretical one. Age statistics will have a credible source of information to give to the readers regarding Facebook Usage.


  • 67% says that WFH is more productive
  • This is what age statistics for Facebook users say

10. Custom-made

We believe in custom-made formats where we fabricate them according to your business needs. Every business perspective differs and so are the target audience and information to give.


Gully Sales provides you with customized writing services that perfectly represent information to your target audience.

Why should you choose Gully Sales Professional Bloggers?

Consistent blog posts

We provide you the consistent blog posts so that reader can stay updated constantly without missing your brand presence

Relevant Posts

A blog post requires relevancy with the posts published and brand vision. Our professional blog writers know how to carry the blogpost series

Brand voice

Gully Sales will be the brand voice to highlight your presence among the readers through the content

Quality content

Blog writing needs expertise as it doesn't end only with bullets and pointers. Our team of bloggers will write a post that is worth reading

Generate discussion

We curate engaging content because the posts that initiate discussion among readers are likely to influence the choice of readers.

High ROI

It increases your revenue for the business by generating direct and indirect leads

Sales with stories

We believe blogging connects with a story, humor, facts, and real-time examples wherever it is necessary.


With Gully Sales, give a definition and structure for your services or products at reasonable prices