What is Proofreading and Editing ?

Proofreading is the act of reading written work and marking any errors. These mistakes most commonly involve spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Editing is the process of revising the content, organization, grammar, and presentation of a piece of writing.

What are the major differences between the both?

A proofreader will look for misspellings, incorrect punctuation, inconsistencies, etc. Whereas, editing corrects issues at the core of writing, like, sentence construction and language clarity.

Below is a table to show more differences between the two.

Addresses surface-level issues.Addresses core mistakes in written content.
Performed on the final draft of the document.Performed on the first draft of the document and continues till the draft is finalized.
Eliminates misspellings, grammatical and punctuation errors, inconsistencies, formatting errors, etc.Enhances the language by making changes for clarity, readability, and smooth narration.
Makes already good writing error-free.The overall quality of writing is improved.
Shorter turnaround time.Slightly longer turnaround time.

Why are Proofreading and Editing Important?

High-quality and error-free content

Content gets better and error-free with proofreading and editing process.

Improved language

With proofreading and editing the understanding of the content and language improves drastically.

Enhances the impact of writing

With a better understanding of the content, the impact it has on its readers also enhances.

Communicate the idea

It helps to communicate ideas and points concisely and more clearly.

Polished piece of content

Get better and polished content for your brand with the help of proofreading and editing process.

Tips on Proofreading and Editing

Distance yourself from the content

Just after writing the content don't edit or proofread. Take a break. Do other things and then come back to continue with the work.

Decide the medium

Decide on what medium you want to proofread or edit. It could be on a digital platform or traditionally on pen and paper.

Get comfortable

Get all cozy and comfortable in a quiet place before starting with the editing and proofreading. You don't want anything to distract you while you make changes in your content.

Try changing the look of the document

You might be overwhelmed with what you write and hence, the mistakes in it can easily be missed by you. Therefore, alter the document as much as you can, like the size of the text, or the color of the text, or the font. It will trick your mind into thinking that it's unfamiliar content.

Get someone to do it for you

Give the content to a friend (or a Proofreading and Editing Service Provider) for checking. Someone who is reading the paper for the first time comes to it with completely fresh eyes. This will help you to point out the errors in your content which you might have missed.

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Perceives your Audience

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