What is a Resume?

A resume hosts your educational and professional qualifications. It acts as a recipe which informs about your caliber to your prospective employer.

4 Types of Resumes that you should know about

Chronological resumes

This is the most common format which highlights professional experience by mentioning it in reverse chronological order.

Targeted resumes

Targeted resumes are tweaked to feature the qualifications and skills of an individual which is the most synonymous with the job listing.

Functional resumes

Functional resumes are utilized to lay more emphasis on the educational, technical qualifications, and skills rather than focusing solely on the professional experience.

Combination resumes

Combination resumes are an amalgamation of functional and chronological resumes as equal importance is allocated to educational qualifications and professional experience.

We, at Gully Sales, write your Resume by -

Knowing your objective

Through a discussion, our team members would get to know your motive behind applying for a job position. This will enable us to choose the right resume format for the best results.

Keeping it brief yet brisk

By this we mean to feature all your qualifications and accolades but at the same time prevent your resume from being wordy.

Preventing grammatical errors

A recruiter will never wish to read your resume if it is accumulated with grammatical errors. So, Gully Sales prevents that from occurring.

Choosing the right keywords

In the case of a digital resume, keyword optimization is vital. But fear not, Gully Sales can do that for you.

Choosing an appealing template

Templates are Key! This is why we choose the best to make your resume stand out!

3 Key Benefits of writing your resume from Gully Sales

  • You can make your skills shine!
  • You can make your resume stand out!
  • You can emphasize your value!