What is social media content?

Social media content refers to the content which is compiled to be posted on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to enhance the rate of engagement.

Gully Sales offers the following types of social media content

Video Scripts

We can write engaging scripts & captcentering the same. The videos will carry the potential to showcase what you seek to offer to your target audience. They can also assist them to navigate through their day-to-day activities.

How-to guides

We compose easy to follow how- to guides which will assist your target audience to use your product or service better. Your target audience can also save the how-to-guide posts for future reference.


Hashtags have grown to become the lifeblood of social media. And we can help you make the most of them by including the most relevant ones found through research.

Custom Posts

Gully Sales can customize your social media posts based on your subjective requirements.

Captions and Slogans

Gully Sales can make heads turn by composing the perfect captions and slogans to hero your social media posts.

Gully Sales offers Social media content for the following platforms

  • Gully Sales can curate intriguing social media content for facebook and twitter.
  • We can initiate immersive social media content for image sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Gully Sales can compose professional social media content for Linkedin and can involve in the creation of video scripts for Youtube.

Gully Sales considers the following factors to create your social media content

Interprets your Objectives

Gully Sales initiates the creation of your social media content(s) after careful rumination of your objectives. This is done to achieve the best results without diverting to other unrelated aspects.

Recognizes your Audience

Social media content can prevail & shine only through high engagement rates. Thus, we ensure to understand your target audience before being involved in the creation of content.

Conducts Competitor analysis

We conduct rigorous analysis of your competitors to have a clear understanding of their strategies and to compose social media content(s) which can surpass the same by prepending further value.

Customizes content for each platform

Gully Sales formulates customized content(s) for respective social media platforms to avoid monotony. Personalized content for each platform can enhance your authority and credibility.

5 reasons to opt for the social media content writing service provided by Gully Sales

Stimulates Brand awareness

Gully Sales can create engaging social media content(s) to appeal to your target audience. As a result, there is an increase in brand awareness.

Escalates revenue

We frame content(s) which necessitate the importance of the products and services proffered by your business. This induces your target audience to buy from you, contributing to an escalation of revenue.

Fosters trustworthiness

Gully Sales can compile well informed social media content(s) which can upgrade your authority and trustworthiness in the minds of your target audience.

Improves Engagement rates

We compose content(s) which are highly relatable to your target audience. Besides being relatable, the content(s) also has the potential to improve engagement rates.

Encourages Brand Loyalty

Gully Sales can promote loyalty towards your brand by framing relevant content(s) to satisfy the timely needs of your target audience.