Content Marketing for Dentists

Content marketing for dentists is a budding online marketing strategy that promotes dental practices through web content like blogs, articles, images, videos, etc. Having a balanced content marketing strategy helps dentists acquire more prospective patients by exposing the treatments to vast online platforms.

How can content marketing benefit dentists?

  • Reach New Patients: Dental content marketing will help you target a specific set of audiences who could be your potential patient. When prospective patients will search for specific keywords for dental treatment, your target content would reach them and thus you get new patient leads.

  • Helps build credibility: If you display your knowledge, abilities, and success through various online content, the potential reader would get to know your dental services better. Eventually, they’ll grow trust in you and become your patients.

  • Add value to potential patients: Through dental clinic content, you can transparently discuss your dental clinic’s capacities, treatment procedures, experienced dentists’ stories, and most importantly, educational content on dental health. These would definitely add value to your potential patients and help them decide on your service.

  • Boost online performance: When your competitors are on their way to driving new patients utilizing digital marketing for dental clinics, you should also make an online presence, implement better content marketing strategies and boost online performance. This is the best way to steal the deal.

  • Promote your brand: Dental SMM (Social Media Marketing), dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization), dental video marketing, Google ads, and website content are the proven methods for successful brand promotion. Utilize these content marketing options and promote your dental clinic services effectively.

  • Improves brand Visibility: People looking for dental treatments online might find your content marketing materials if it’s properly keywords optimized. An optimized and quality content attracts readers on google, social media, or any other platforms and they might share it with friends and family. Thus, your brand gets more visibility.

Implement your content marketing strategy by following Buyer's Journey

Implement a strong content marketing strategy for your dental clinic. As the goal of dental content marketing is to acquire new leads from potential patients, your strategy should concentrate on the three stages of that patient’s journey. In marketing language, we call it ‘Buyer’s Journey’.

  • Awareness Stage: Your dental content marketing strategy first should focus on educating people in dental science and practices. For this, you can use:
    • Blogs, Articles, E-books: Educate your potential patients or prospective readers about oral health, dental & gum diseases, dental treatment itinerary, and dental care tips through insightful blogs, articles, e-books, etc.
    • Social Media Posts: Expose your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. You’ll get a huge organic audience and could convert new patients through social media posts.

  • Consideration Stage: As a next step, you should let them know the existence of your dental services. For this, you can use:
    • Demo Video: Demo videos show your treatment procedures, the machinery you use for the treatments, and the efficiency of the dentists. This would help you gain the patients’ trust.
    • FAQs: Your answers to the frequently asked questions by prospective patients help them clarify doubts and gain confidence in your treatments.
    • White papers: By using whitepaper content you can indicate your depth of knowledge by providing a granular look at how your dentists perform a critical treatment that was successful.
    • Case Studies: Present case studies of the most critical treatments and success rates of your dental practices in all fields of dentistry.

  • Decision Stage: Finally, give them reasons and benefits of choosing you over other dental clinics. Use the below content:
    • Website Content: A website is a must for displaying your services. The service detail pages on your website are also optimized for dental SEO to gather organic traffic.
    • Consultation Offer/CTA: Grab the prospective patients’ attention by providing a clear call to action like a ‘Book an appointment’ form or quick consultation offer.
    • Video Content: Promote your dentistry through videos like treatment explanation videos, blog post videos, interviews or Q&As videos, etc.

Content Marketing Campaign Plan by Gully Marketing

Gully Marketing performs the following steps for a successful Dental Content Marketing Campaign:

  • Reach New Patients: Dental content marketing will help you target a specific set of audiences who could be your potential patient. When prospective patients will search for specific keywords for dental treatment, your target content would reach them and thus you get new patient leads.

  • You Set a Goal, we follow: Set one or more SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound) that you want to achieve from the dental content marketing campaign.

  • We assist you to choose content types: Select some relevant types of content such as websites, social media, blogs, and more that will help to reach the target segment of patients. Our experts brainstorm new ideas for your content – Every content marketing material should deliver an insightful message and promote your brand. So, brainstorm new ideas and topics related to dentistry.

  • We help you to select perfect content channels: Choose the online channels where your audience is. People search for dental treatment on google and verify their services from Facebook, Instagram, etc. So it’s better for you to publish your content on your own website, promote it through google ads and social media.

  • We determine relevant KPI for continuous measurement: Make sure to set up key performance indicators. It’ll help you measure your content marketing progress. You’ll know if you’re reaching your goals or your method is not working. Examples of KPIs you should track – unique page views, social media engagement, video views, video engagement, cost per click, downloads, etc.

  • We conduct an Audit to help you set a budget: Our free marketing audit would help you set a budget for the whole content creation and promotion process.

  • Write & Edit Dental Content: Our professional team of writers gives voice to your dental practice, edit and proofread all content materials until perfection and optimize with SEO that ranks your content on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

  • Distribute & manage the content: After finalizing the content, we plan a calendar and schedule the content which are to be published on the particular channels. We take care of the frequency and volume of the content publication.

  • Measure the performance: As a final step, measure the performance of website pages, blogs, social media posts, and advertisements. The analysis gives you an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of your dental content marketing campaign.