Email Marketing

Most of your dental patients might be apprehensive to get up to your doorstep, imagining the drilling machine and the pain it might cost. Your dental patients can keep their worries aside, as you can provide your dental patients the information about your dentistry in the form of content through email marketing. 

Email dental marketing is a method of connecting by invoking emotional appeal, telling your patients ‘we care for you’. Your dental patients would opt for an environment where you can adapt to your patient’s demeanor to create engagement with the dental community. Through email marketing, you can develop creative and innovative content that instills your dental patient’s comfort and needs.

Dental email marketing goals

The primary goal of a dental email marketer is to build a mutual connection with dental patients. Some of the dental email marketing goals are as follows:

  • Giving out appointment reminders to dental patients: Nowadays, technology comes with automated, personalized email reminders, where you can customize your automated email reminders the way you want and fix the date and time to send them to your dental patients.
    There are email reminder templates that can help you in giving out appointment reminders. This will work out as most of your dental patients have mobile phones, and most appointments are done online.


  • Targeting lapsed dental patients: You can remind your dental patients who have missed their appointment to get back to you for cleaning and other dental services.
    You can bring them back by offering promotional offerings like discounts, lucky coupons, or free cleaning.
    The more influential is the personal message you send to their emails, it shows The respectful nature your dental practice has towards your dental Patients.


  • Asking dental patients reviews: After your dental patient’s appointment is completed, ask for feedback, or review concerning their experience with you. You can adjust some changes that your patients share with you and the ones you feel are relevant and just.


  • Dental Patient engagement: You can send out a weekly or monthly newsletter consisting of your new services, offers, or reminders for making it easier for your dental patients to schedule their appointment with your dental practice.


  • Mutual connection: Start an email campaign that has the essentials of creative thinking and personal appeal, so that your dental patient’s a sense of trust and shows loyalty to your dental practice.
    You can link your emails with your social media page or account to strengthen your bond with existing dental patients and generate new dental patients through social media.

Why do dentists use email marketing?

  • Cost-saving: Email marketing is expensive if we use competitive and popular keywords, but nowadays some tools help in creating and sending personalized emails to your dental patients that are cost-efficient and free. Tools for email marketing
    • Mail Chimp
    • Benchmark Email
    • Mailjet

  • Online growth of your Dental practice: Email marketing allows you to grow your business with less budget. The reason for this is that your dental patients are your referrals and influencers, who will send your shares and recommend you to their friends or families. This way, you can reach more dental patients & expand and increase your profits.

  • Updates your patients about new dental services: Through email marketing, you can update by promoting to your existing dental patients about your new dental service or offers that you have recently bought up. Eg.,-free coupons for trying out our new technology braces or Free complete oral cleaning for two days. You can even give out referral programs by providing them with free coupons according to the highest number of references individually.

  • Successful relationship and increased loyalty: Email marketing is a very effective way to keep your dental patients focused on your dental practice. You need to keep in touch with your existing patients and also acquire new dental patients, but you need to spend more time sending personalized emails to your existing dental patients so that they do leave your dental practice and choose your competitors.

  • You can gain Dental Reviews: By asking your dental patients for reviews—it will be easier for you to display it as social proof so that your new dental patients will empathize and trust your dental practice. If you are asking for testimonials, make sure you have terms and conditions listed down to take your dental patient’s acceptance to show it as social proof while sending it as an email to others.

How do you develop email marketing strategies for dentists?

  • Level up to personalized emails: The best revenue burst in your account is through personalized email marketing by dental practitioners. This is the means of dental patient retention. Maintaining existing dental patients is more effective than finding new dental patients. These personalized emails will help your dental patients to stay focused with you for the long term

  • Boost conversion rates with attractive subject lines: Everything depends on your email subject line. If you want your email to be opened by your dental patients, then you need to frame very eye-catchy phrases to grasp their attention at first sight. Use your dental patient’s first name while sending your emails, personalized, to click the CTA button. Using the first name adds a personal touch for a quicker reaction. Your subject line must consist of 35 to 38 characters—ultimately, maybe a five-word sentence

  • Leverage patient-generated content: Ask your patient to provide any content that can be in the form of videos, pictures, quotes, or an essay that is self-published about your dental practice to leverage the growth and profits. This can even be a pathway to engage and interact with your dental patients. Through emails, you can convince your dental patients to post something with a hashtag customized by your dental practice that can boost more dental patient engagement.

  • Social media promotions: You can make use of the social media networks to optimize their emails and send emails about your services and information concerning your dental practice and dental patient’s questions. Promoting through social media can help in building your brand and brand exposure.

  • Track your progress: Using Google Analytics to track your data and the emails optimized by your dental patients. This will help you understand the gap you are lacking and helps in improving the email personalization and segmentation. You need to manage and control your KPIs, such as conversion rate, click-through rate, and open rate, to make your dental patients convert themselves from interested to loyal.

Collection of email address of your dental patients

  • Sign up: When new patients arrive at your website, the first thing they encounter is the signup page, this is when you can acquire your dental patient’s email address for further interaction and connection.

  • Ask your existing dental patients: The regular dental patients are the ones who are more loyal. So you can ask your existing regular dental patients to toss up their email addresses for email personalization updates.

  • Social media: You can use social media to gain more email addresses, you can fix a CTA button in your social media page for generating email addresses of your dental patients.

  • Newsletter: You can customize a pop-up window for your website so that you can generate a pop-up for signing up to the newsletter when they read any content of yours. Do not customize this popup window if it is a startup website, while you engage lots of dental patients, known as traffic, you can then use the pop-up newsletter window.

  • Event networking: If you happen to attend any trade shows or conference, your #1 rule is to carry your business card, and #2 rule, you need to create a barcode or user id of your social media account for your dental patients to follow you and stay put. Through this method, you can grab your dental patient’s attention and acquire their email address.

How to Engage your dental patients?

  • Share oral hygiene DIY: You Can bundle up DIY videos and upload them on YouTube by showing the home remedies to take care of your oral hygiene. You can also balance the text and images of oral hygiene and home remedies and publish them on your dental blog or website to engage with your dental patients.

  • Set Campaigns to generate new dental patients: Give out campaigns to grasp the attention of your new dental patients by sending confirmation mail, sharing contact information, introducing your team & displaying your services, sending mails to fix appointments once a day, and asking your patients for feedback.

  • Contact segmentation: Segment the contact list according to their preferences of services. Dental Patient A might be bracing treatment others might want teeth whitening treatment hence divide the dental patients as per their preferred services. Subscription segment: Division made based on the segmentation of the subscribers.
    • The search history on what your dental patients were trying to find on your website.
    • The website signup and what were the clicks more for.
    • Which content of your dental practice is viewed more by your dental patients.
    Related to these searches, you can create various other content for better visibility and ranking.

  • Create an online course via email: This is another strategy dental practitioners can use while campaigning to engage with dental patients and share value. Creating an online course will be more of an identity-proof, where people will find you more trustworthy.

Dental Tips for Email marketing

  • Email branding: Include your brand name, tagline, and logo in your emails to increase the worth of your dental practice in front of your dental patients.

  • Email consistency: Being consistent with your email distribution aids in making changes if you come across any marketing or content gaps. Consistency invokes trust and authority with your dental patients. By sending personalized emails at the scheduled timings, communicating time management skills and enthusiastic behavior wherein even your dental patients will want to respond.

  • Mobile responsive: Your emails must be mobile-optimized as most of your dental patients view your emails through mobile phones. Make your email layout both mobile and desktop-friendly.

  • Shareable content: Customize your email so your dental patients can share it with their friends and family & to your social media so that your followers can also share it ahead.

  • Keep out of spam lists: Use good links, optimized pictures, plagiarism-free content, mobile-friendly layout & graphic design, and check your spelling mistake before sharing your email content with your dental patients so that it doesn’t end up in your dental patient’s spam list.

  • Educational content: Your content must be valuable to your dental patients by offering your dental patients tips, and insights on maintaining their oral health. You Can lead your dental patients to the call-to-action button.

  • Visual inputs: Use images that can be easily optimized and loaded with good quality. Your visuals must be eye-catching that synchronizes with your content and color scheme. Position your images in the right stroke of your layout.

  • Keep your dental patient-focused: The email message must be innovative so that your dental patients will be focused and consulted only with you. Share messages about ‘oral hygiene tips that will keep you cavity-free ‘.

  • Compelling subject line: Your subject line must align with something that can be linked with the present situation that most of your dental patients are dealing with. Eg; 5 home tips to keep you away from cavities.

Dental Email Marketing Benefits

  • You can engage with your dental patients and solve their questions through consultancy and appointments.

  • You can show your professionalism to your dental patients through email marketing.

  • You give out qualified information and keep your patients focused on your dental practice.

  • Your revenue and sales will be increased along with the growth and challenges of your dental practice.