Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a widely used, fast-growing social media platform. It is adored because of its flexibility in connecting to the people. Using Instagram for your Dental Industry gives a great boost and increases appointments and patients for your Dental Clinic. Know how Instagram Dental Marketing can be achieved with GullyMarketing

How Instagram marketing works for the Dental Industry?

  • Easy connection with people: Having 1 billion current Instagram users, it is more popular among people because of its content. If users find the content interesting and relevant to their needs, it is likely that users follow you undoubtedly. In that way connecting to your prospective patients would become easier.


  • Seasonal advertising campaigns: Driving your prospective patients with creativity is what Instagram demands to get noticed. Engaging your prospective patients with campaigns about their oral health, oral problems, providing them with a series of tips according to eating habits, etc. Such Instagram posts with resourceful information help you maintain consistency with prospective patients.


  • Provides quick popularity if presented with unique content: If once you are noticed by the quality of content you provide to your prospective patients, it is more likely to increase when your followers influence other communities of prospective patients. Engaging your patients that hold their interest and attention span matters.


  • Captions and Reliable Hashtags are the saviors: Captions tell a lot about your posts and connect easily to the users. Hashtags help you stay connected with your prospective patients. Finding relevant hashtags for your industry helps unite with the people who are in need of Dental services.
      • Location hashtags:  #DentistsinBangalore, #DentistsinMumbai
      • Dentistry based Hashtags:  #Bestsmilemakeover #Wisdomtoothremoval
      • Humor hashtags with fun dental contents:  #Dentalfun, #Instamouth, #instabrushing etc.


  • Get connected through your existing patients: Post the treatment video of your existing patient and tag them. This helps others to get to know about the quality of dental services you provide.

Types of Instagram Posts

Know what are the types of Instagram posts we use to create brand awareness among your prospective patients about your dental practice

  • Education/ Informative posts: Educating your prospective patients and followers with type of treatments, benefits of dental treatments, tips and suggestions on oral hygiene, etc.

  • Humor posts: Creating humor and fun posts that reduce the stigma about dental treatments that are painful or messy or unmanageable and bring in positivity about the dental treatments among your prospective patients.

  • Creative posts: Posts that create a sense of interest and curiosity among the prospective patients. For example, many of them would be curious to know how a smile makeover can change their appearance. Finding creative content increases engagement, the interaction between your dental brand and prospective patients

  • Employee posts: Posts about your employees, their promotion, chit chat videos, and anything about your employees is a great source of making an effective presence

  • Patients testimonial post: Testimonials are the effective source to increase referrals and appointments for your dental practice as it involves real feedback from real patients that would help many of the prospective patients know about the quality of your dental services

  • User Generated Post (UGC): These are the posts generated by your existing patients. Patient shares his/her experience on his own will in the form of videos and images that are the real source of trust to your prospective patients.

  • Before and After posts: Posting the problem of a patient and how it is cured by your dental treatment provides a sense of credibility to your prospective patients on the quality of the service you offer

  • Do’s and Don’ts Post: Educating your followers with dos and don’ts of oral health, suggestions on oral hygiene builds interaction and trust about your expertise among the prospective patients