Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Dentistry displayed on the web through different Content inputs distributed via Social media and SEO strategy; keyword analysis, competitive analysis, blogs, website, pay per click, etc.

Types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search and analyze who your competitors are similar to your dentistry.

To gain visibility and more patients visits use Google my business for local visibility.

Use social media and other forums to gain the attention of the patients who are seeking your help.

Check your website to find the content gaps and tend to your patient's queries.

Dental professionals desire their patients to engage so that they know where your brand certainly stands.

Create a database of your progress and maintain it to use as your historical data, whenever in need.

As a dental forte, research which keywords goes along with your business.

Make sure you have your content SEO-worthy so that the crawlers can index your website.

Avoid grammar & spelling mistakes and language errors for the crawlers to find your content easily.

Drive organic traffic to your website, make your site patient-friendly.

Make sure you have prepared a buyer persona to target your prospects through the content.

Dental Marketing Strategy

Create a Google my business account and optimize the page to generate local visibility.

By creating a blog you can bring in more patients as blogs are more influential than websites.

Engage your patients by posting images and videos to spread your uniqueness.

Reach out to prospective patients actively browsing for dentistry in your area.

Have a testimonial page to display your happy customers' reviews.

Enhance the user experience by speeding up your website.

Create and optimize a website to share your uniqueness with your prospective patients.

Make sure your content is SEO-friendly.

Videos have the maximum accountability to drive prospective patients.

Let your website and blog be optimizable with your mobile.

Publish an eBook displaying and explaining your product and service.

Create a website that can be easily navigable.

Website Inputs

Your content must include the benefits of oral hygiene and the disadvantages of not taking care of your oral.

Use high-resolution pictures and videos where one of your experts speaks about oral hygiene.

Build or develop a page to prescribe medication to your patients, if needed urgently.

Create an appointment button with each content published to schedule their appointment instantly.

For online consultation develop online payment.

Create and develop a chatting solution on the website to engage with your patients in need.

Dental SEO Benefits

You get ranked in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page) better than other dentistry.

Your dental patients can find you easily.

You will know what your prospective patients are actually looking for.

You get to engage with your prospective patients.

Improves visibility and reputation.

Using the right keywords you get exposure to the right patients.

More dental patients will be interested.