On-Page Dental SEO

Dental on-page SEO is the optimization of single web pages of your dental practices with the purpose to drive more valuable patients to your webpage and rank you high on the search engine results page. On-page includes both content material and HTML source that must be optimized.

Checklist for On-Page Dental SEO by Gully Sales

Research relevant and right keywords

We can drive organic traffic to your dental website by finding dental keywords that are most searched, usually in Google unlike other search engines like bing and yahoo. If your dentistry uses blogs or websites for the dental marketing process, we require you to inculcate keywords that suit your dental practices. For your website to be indexed by the search engines called as crawlers, you require to have your organic keywords on board so that crawlers or spiders or bots can crawl into the searched phrases used by your patients, which suits the website keywords to grant you organic search results. Right keywords can rank your website first on the Search engine results page.


To affirm your website’s consequentiality to the crawlers, we can request some other dental websites akin to your business with a better magnifying rate to include & optimize your link on their dental website content.
This method can provide density for your website, and Google can rank you high on the result page.
Dental SEO can be created through these backlinks and withal can integrate a positive remark to the search engines.

Image optimization

We can shrink the image size to make your dental web pages load more expeditiously. You are required to keep in mind that your patients sometimes have an urgency and if your website doesn't load, then you will have a more preponderant bounce rate than visitors (patients) onto your website. Ascertain your image is of lower size with better quality so that your website doesn’t look unprofessional and shabby. You can compress your images with JPG 590 KB through Adobe Photoshop, ImageResize.org, or File Optimizer.

Title tag

We will verify if your Title tags are optimized felicitously and additionally link with Dental SEO. The title tag will be featured at the beginning of your webpage for the patients to view their needs quickly. The search results must cope up with the patient’s probed keywords.

Meta Description

Meta description benefits your patients and search engine. It’s an HTML description, in a textual form, within 160 characters that brief your patients about the written content. You require to include the keywords used in the Title tag in the meta description for the search engines to crawl to your information. We can compel your patients by creating an emotional appeal.

Header tags

Tags allotted for each heading, for example, H1, H2, H3,.etc. Formatting the content like this can make the readers (patients) easier to read and search engines more simple to browse. Headings displayed to the patients must have a connection between H1 and H2.

Schema Structured Data

Structure your HTML efficiently, so that your crawlers understand the content to crawl up to your websites. A structured data tool will avail you in testing your content structure so that your content is search engine friendly and easily available to your dental patients.

SEO-friendly content

We conduct keyword research and analysis for your content and maintain a good structure to get your dental website get ranked on the search engine’s result page. When we think deeply about SEO content, keyword research pops up, but this is erroneous as stuffing an inordinate quantity of keywords can be inappropriate. Only keywords that align with your dental concept and dental-related industry must be included. SEO Content not only increases your dental exposure, sales, or revenue but also aids in increasing conversion rate


Testimonials are opinions of patients, clients, or anybody who employs your dental products or Services opts to provide their experience in a positive or negative perspective through inscribing. These inscriptions (written materials) are accumulated and managed by the organisation. The organisation chooses the right testimonials to feature on the testimonials page to expand the image and maintain the reputation of the organisation.

User Engagement

We can engage your patients with the content it can be in the form of videos, pictures, infographics, etc.

  • We can beautify and create a homepage that can avail you to provide more leads than bounce rate.
  • Increase your prospect’s engagement by instilling downloadable content
  • By customizing the chat box on the homepage, we can let you and your customer engage and chat with one another.
  • User engagement can let you know your buyer’s journey and can entice you on if they are a good fit for your organisation.

Site Audit

There are tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs that avail in auditing your website, scanning each of your web pages exhaustively.

  • Site Audit will incorporate you in descrying if you have made a mark in SERPs
  • Detects any mistakes or errors in your website.
  • Provides insight on your page speed
  • Recommends you to make changes
  • Provides you an overview of the website traffic and from whom.