Technical Dental SEO

Technical dental SEO is involved with laying a structure for your website, which makes it less perplexed for search engine robots to navigate and index. And in the long run, make it facile for your target audience to locate your site.

Gully Sales for Technical Dental SEO

Crawled and indexed site

The search engine must be able to crawl to your dental website and must better understand plain texts in the form of HTML to help the crawlers or spider access your web page. Content can be video, webpage, images, downloadable documents, etc. If your webpage isn’t getting crawled, then chances are there’s duplicate content developed, thus you require to efface them for better crawlability. Ascertain you haven’t set your noindex or nofollow tag; doing this can make the spiders or bots understand they shouldn’t follow your link to your dental website. Check your website index so that it does not redirect to 404 pages.

XML & HTML Sitemap

A sitemap is a map that avails the crawlers to crawl up to the website. Every dental website must create a sitemap for your website, as these crawlers can aid you to get ranked in SERPs. Exclude pages that are not consequential for the website and include pages that are consequential to the crawlers. Format your XML document precisely in the sitemap and do not include noindex URLs.

Mobile-Friendly website

Your patients mostly use mobile phones for any errands of theirs to consummate. Making your page mobile responsive can benefit your dental practices to be recognized by an immensely colossal number of patients who are probing for your dental clinic. Double-check your website architecture on your phone to know if your design is responsive on the mobile.


Google needs HTTPS to be ranked in the SERPs. The reason behind this is that HTTPS is more secure whereas HTTP is not because this redirect can make the website appear with a padlock on the browser bar before your URL. This can aid the patients to take appointments or advice online and keeps your patient’s data safe with your brand.

Robot txt file

These are instructions you can lay down to the crawlers to not follow unimportant web pages. Get access to the Google search console to check your Robot txt file.

Use hreflang for multilingual content

Hreflang helps in the translation of certain blogs in the language of your needs.

URL structure

The reason you need SEO is because of the discoverability and visibility of your website to your patients. You need to optimize your website navigation and URL structure.
Keep your URL short with lowercase letters so that the spider bots can identify and track your dental site easily. Try not to use numbers and symbols for a navigable user (patients) experience.

Page Speed

Optimize your page speed by compressing or shrinking your image size with good quality and perfect structure in HTML form to improve the page load time. Your patient’s urgency is your dental websites’ priority thus you need to make sure your website loads faster to tend to your patient’s health and support

Internal Linking

You need to link your website with sitemaps and a navigation menu to help the web bots to narrow down to your content and continue at your site. Make sure your dental website has internal links, this will help the bots crawl and index your website.

Use schema mark-up to win rich snippets

Provides higher CTR than usual search results. Schema markup is used for Google to better understand plain texts, resulting in greater visitors to your site. This way, your dental website can win visibility and increase your conversion rate.

Structured data

Your content must include the information that your patients want to know. When you search for a clear aligner in google, people also ask will have the following queries;

  • Do clear aligners really work?
  • What is the average cost of clear aligners?
  • Are clear aligners as good as braces?
  • Are clear aligners bad for your teeth?

You need to include all these questions in your article to make navigation easier and help the bots index your website.

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