Twitter Marketing

Take advantage of Twitter to promote your dental practices online. Dental Twitter Marketing is a marketing tactic of using Twitter as a channel to promote your dental services and acquire a new prospective patient base.

Why do you need Dental Twitter Marketing?

  • Better Networks: The more insights into dentistry you share on your profile, the better chance you create for professional networking.

  • Attract New Patients: By keeping your profile active and engaging with the existing audience, you can always attract new patients.

  • Establish yourself as a Leader: On Twitter, you can showcase your experience and professionalism by sharing your dental practice content. Information about your expertise would gain the audience’s trust and establish you as a thought leader.

  • Enrich Brand Exposure: Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also elevates your brand visibility to a wide target audience.

  • Exposure to Dental Community: Dental Twitter Marketing is all about promoting your dental business and exposing your dental practices in front of other dental professionals. So, it gives you an opportunity to become a member of the nationwide or worldwide dental community.

  • Establish Relationships with patients: Twitter lets you build relationships with your audience through customer testimonials, client experiences, images of the office environment, and most importantly, the results of your work.

Essentialities of Twitter Marketing for your dental practices

Appeal to a broad collection of the target audiences through Twitter and share a compact and refined message around the Twitter community.
  • Use hashtags and mentions: Twitter is about engaging with customers quickly and it also helps you to attract attention using branded hashtags. So, you should use popular hashtags related to the dental industry and use mentions if you want to tag someone specific. Using two or three hashtags is effective for every tweet.
  • Network with dental opinion leaders: Utilize this platform to expand your network with dental professionals, industry leaders, and dental companies, and actively ‘retweet’ their content that you find interesting and relevant to your own audience.

  • Be active and make consistent posts: Draft and schedule your tweets ahead of time to maintain the consistency and flow of tweeting. This helps in a rich engagement with the patients and followers.

  • Use images & videos: Use original images of your dental practices, photos of dental clinics infrastructure, in your tweets. Consider using short or long videos of any event or educational information about your practice, behind the scenes of your dental office, etc. These would boost your audience engagement to another level.

  • Pin tweets to highlight your specialty: Twitter allows users to pin the most important tweets on top of their profiles. If you pin a tweet that says about your upcoming dental practice event, dental campaign, or any specialty of your clinic, it’ll grab your profile visitor’s attention easily.

  • Engage with patients & followers: Respond to your patients and followers from time to time. Though sharing medical advice on any dental issues is not possible on social media, you can certainly answer general questions related to oral health. Quickly scan your feed at least once a day and try to respond to their feedback, criticism, and queries sincerely.

  • Schedule a Live: Live-tweeting from dental conferences, answering the questions and concerns of your patients on Live, and sharing some tips on dental care would help your patients. And through them, you can reach more prospective patients who were looking for similar dental guides.

  • Be an active member of the Dental Community: Twitter gives you an opportunity to be a part of the dental community across the world. It’ll help you thrive in your own dental practices and ascertain your contribution to any dental outreach programs.

How Gully Marketing helps to create a step-by-step Twitter Marketing Strategy for Dentists

  • We optimize your profile for a better impression

  • We conduct in-depth research

  • Do Competitive analysis to create differentiators for you

  • Maintain Company Page & Personal Branding Page

  • Keep an appropriate tone that suits your brand

  • Write a compelling headline and summary for your profile

  • Help you schedule Twitter post calendar<

  • We help to establish your brand in the market of dentistry.