YouTube Marketing for Dentists

YouTube is a potential marketing tool for dentists that helps in marketing and promoting dental practices through videos to a wide set of audiences.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing for your Dental Practice

  • Attract Prospective Patients: A video is more powerful than a piece of blog or article content in terms of attracting the audiences’ attention and sustaining their interest to keep on watching the video. So, YouTube can help you attract prospective patients with your dental video content more prominently.

  • Build Relationships: When you share valuable information through your videos, you create an audience base. Your consistent delivery of knowledge builds a sense of trust and dependability in your audience. Eventually, a credible relationship is set up.

  • Target Advertisement Options: A major benefit of YouTube advertising for dental practices is precise targeting, including demographics, subject or topic of the ad, relevant keywords, and location. This makes it ideal for promoting a local business such as a dental office within budget.

  • Promote Brand: Through advertising and publishing videos related to various niches in dentistry, your brand is promoted. And also, when your viewers share your videos on their social handles it gets new leads and eventually, they’re promoting your brand.

5 Types of YouTube Advertising best for Dentists

  • Skippable In-stream ads: This ad is placed before or during the streaming video. The duration of these ads should be a minimum of 12 seconds long and a maximum of 3 minutes long. It allows viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds.

  • Non-skippable In-stream ads: This type of ads play generally up to 20 seconds and the viewer has to watch the full ads before starting a video; it’s non-skippable.

  • Bumper Ads: These are short, non-skippable video ads of up to 6 seconds that must be watched before a video can be viewed. Bumper ads are best used for awareness campaigns.

  • Display Ads: This type of ad shows up in the desktop view of YouTube on the right-hand top column when someone is watching a video. You only pay if the viewer clicks on the CTA or link of your ad.

  • Overlays & Banner ads: Overlay image or banner ads appear on the lower portion of a video. Overlay ads tend to show up in the relevant subject videos.

7 types of Dental Marketing Videos can get you success on YouTube

  • Introductory Video: Use introductory videos to introduce the dentists, staff, and the capabilities and capacity of your dental office.

  • Educational Video: Create niche-specific educational videos, for example, if cosmetic dentistry is your expertise, explain your treatment procedure, why it is crucial for the overall dental hygiene, how it is performed, etc.

  • Treatment Procedure Video: You can share your treatment procedure video to show a demo of your expertise in that particular treatment, and it will help people build trust in you.

  • Q&A video: Increase engagement with your audiences and prospective patients by conducting Question and Answer sessions on YouTube. It helps to expand your dental practice’s awareness.

  • Patient Testimonial Video: Patient testimonial videos are a must for your service credibility. Create videos where your patients talk about their experience with your treatment.

  • Facility or Office Tour Video: This type of video displays the infrastructure and capacities of your facility. The patient will know how technologically advanced you are and this will build confidence in them for choosing you.

  • Before-After Result Video: Before and after treatment result images and videos are very powerful in terms of capturing the prospective patient’s attention. You can also put up your best work to earn prospective patient’s confidence.

Our YouTube Marketing Strategy for Dental Businesses

  • Customized YouTube Channel: Create customized youtube channel for your dental business.

  • Optimize the channel: We generate strong and competitive keywords and give unique video titles.

  • YouTube Video SEO: Implement SEO strategies to rank your videos on the YouTube search and Google as well.

  • Video Creation Checklist: Maintain the consistency of videos with video creation checklist.

  • Paid Campaign Setup: We offer paid YouTube advertising campaign setup for your dental business promotion.

  • YouTube Ads Monitoring: Our team constantly monitors the performance of the ads to analyze the strengths & weaknesses.

  • YouTube Ads Optimization: After monitoring, we optimize the ads to ensure its impact on the target audience.

  • Advance Strategy Planning: We always keep a plan ready in advance for next month and organize our YouTube marketing strategies accordingly.