Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a platform to promote and advertise your product and service for generating brand awareness and boosting conversion rates. This is a worldwide connection hub that equips brands to interact and engage with prospective customers and potential customers to incorporate new content ideas and discover the gap between you and your competitors.

Facebook Marketing Strategy


Employing visual content like infographics and flowcharts can be the most useful tool to sustain the attention of your prospective customers. While promoting on Facebook, make sure your graphics are of high quality and clearer content that gives out precise information.

Creative Content

Producing content with SEO-friendly inputs can help you win visibility. If you cannot generate content after going through your customer reviews and keyword research framework, you will accumulate more content ideas and structure. Try not to exaggerate your write-ups and keep the sentences intact to others. Create compact sentences and break them into paragraphs to maintain readability and retain the focus of your customers

Know your prospective customers

Before getting into your maneuvering research, you need to design a buyer persona to know the taste and preference of your customers. You need to cast content based on your prospective client’s needs to gain new leads, higher clickthrough, and conversion rate. Your posts will be linked to your website thus, to raise your website traffic, Facebook marketing is the best option. Never disregard that your posting is for convincing and persuading the prospects to click on your link.

Interact and engage

For brand recognition: you ought to implement a personal touch with your prospects by answering some common questions to prospective customers. Your potential customers can become your influencers or referrals, so by rendering your customers with some perks like discounts and free trials, you can solicit them to promote your posts on their Facebook profile. This way, you can boost up your engagement rate and garner more visibility and usability.

Share images and videos

More than written, your prospective customers like to view videos and images, you can produce videos of your customer’s testimonials or videos about your company’s surroundings. Eg; Dove Ad marketing and Byju’s Ad marketing strategy. Your images must be optimized with high resolution to manifest your professionalism and bestow the value your brand possesses. Your resolution can be 1080 x 1080 pixels or 1,200 x 1,200 pixels, with file type to be PNG or JPG/JPEG.

Post regularly

Be consistent in your postings to show your reliability and credibility to your prospective customers. You need to keep your prospects focused and engaged with you so that they do not switch to your competitor’s brands. You have tools like canva to embellish your content in a very engaging alternative. Posting frequently designates that you are active and attend to your prospect's necessities.

Set goals

For accomplishing the goals you need to have the right and suitable strategy to grow & strengthen the engagement rate, and the creativity & innovation to convince and persuade your prospective customers to click the link. Fewer writings with high-quality images and videos are the compelling prompt to get you more clickthrough rate. You need to have a mission and a vision before you start organizing campaigns for your brand. Though you might be an intellectual, you need to have a system to keep the alignment in order. Build a pipeline to keep your plan consistently.

How to create Facebook marketing?

The goal set up

In marketing, you necessitate having long-term planning more like a due date. The marketing team must be smart and inventive in procuring new leads by estimating the days you want to acquire new leads. Eg; 100 leads in a day. Know what your company is formed for and what your company wants to offer to your target audience.

Ad Selection

Select the posts you require to advertise to your prospects that have the most engagement and click-through rate. You can determine your target audience and send your posts as links primarily to your targeted ones. Design advertisements that your prospects are interested in.

Target audience

Research and create a buyer persona and classify the commonalities each of your target audience has. Based on the highest common denominator, develop posts and share them on your Facebook page profile. For Eg, it is the summer season, and your company exhibits and markets clothes that are worn in winters; nobody will buy them, hence you need to promote summer wear to inflate the engagement rate.

Phases of Facebook Ads


Your actual goal is to make your prospects commit to your organizational offerings, as your brand-to-be in-market is your long-term goal and working for it is the pathway to accomplish your objectives.
Here, your prospects are put into the sales funnel that consists of Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

  • The awareness stage creates brand awareness to your prospective customers where, through Facebook marketing, your target audience gets to know about your brand. This fixes your customer’s problem.
  • The consideration stage is when they contact the marketing team to enquire about the brand. This is when the marketing team must be ready to convince them. Your offerings must solve their wants, hence your prospects will click the call-to-action button.
  • The decision stage is the most awaited stage where your prospects turn into your leads and contact your sales team for buying the product they seek. This is when the sales team has to be smart enough to handle the situation so that they do not cancel the order.

Commit Ads

Commit ads are the significance of lead generation. These ads are placed to increase the conversion rate and drive in new leads.


This points out to the sales retargeting where you target your old prospects who stopped engaging with you. To win their loyalty again, you need to be consistent by sending personalized newsletters, emails.


Marketing does not necessitate much of a budget, as most of the tools are available freely—only if you want to utilize the premium version, you need to spend a certain amount. It does take more time and energy, but it is cost-effective. Digital marketing is the most powerful tool this span has to promote its business and earn revenue through it. You set your budget on Facebook easily.

Format & structure

You can format and structure your ads in the ad set. In the ad set, you can select the audience as per the age group and send your posts to your target audience. Firstly, you need to create a campaign on Facebook, secondly, set your target audience and other information in an Ad set, and thirdly, select your post in ad selection. After you have achieved these three levels, you have reached a part of your goal.


Generate a call-to-action button that will steer your target audience to your website. You can increase the traffic to your website by using this call-to-action button. Eg-book your appointment, or click here for more.

Track your progress

You can track your progress by signing up to google analytics to observe the time spent, click-through rate, engagement rate, etc. With this tool, you will know where you might be lacking and the places you need to make changes.
You have a reach and engagement dashboard for your Facebook page, hence you can study that, or Google analytics is recommended. As a part of Facebook metrics, the below two key analytics insights are more prominent;

  • Cost per lead: At your Facebook dashboard, you will provide insight into the revenue earned per lead. This metric gives an overview of the revenue you have earned by acquiring new leads.
  • Cost per click: this provides insight on the per-clicks and measures the traffic you have generated from the ad.

Phases of Facebook Ads

Organic Lead Generation

Organic leads are acquired by promoting posts that consist of offers, discounts, and content. By linking your posts to your website landing page, you can acquire organic traffic and results.

Paid Lead Generation

By using the business page, you can accumulate mass leads, as paid advertisements are effective not as much as organic.

Dollar-Day strategy

This framework is a powerful and helpful tactic to display your content to your leads at the right time. This helps in investment and forfeits higher returns. This framework establishes the 3-by-3-metrics, wherein the objective of the posts is divided into three stages; awareness, engagement, and conversion. These three stages must include the answers for why, how, and what. You need to formulate nine posts in total for spreading brand awareness to fit the grid. Creating an ad campaign with a Dollar-a-day strategy or strategy can help gain more visitors to your websites and more viewers if your post is in the form of videos or images. With the help of Facebook marketing and ad running, you can apply this framework to increase your revenue and marketing strategy.