Banner Designing

Banners are a cost-effective and easiest form of graphic design content. They take the power of the images and creative text to another level with large attractive pictures, images, and decorative text that capture the audience. It is an attractive way to catch the eye of the customer and can be displayed in hoardings and anywhere across the road too.

You can explore options related to banner designing as it comes with minor monetary risks. A type of display digital advertising, banner designing has become popular due to its all-encompassing nature. You can add a range of details, beginning from images, videos, and texts within a designated space.

Why Businesses Need Banners

Product Marketing

Banners are commonly used for marketing the product sold by a company.

Attract Attention

Banners are noticeable due to their size or color and you can use them to catch the attention of your customers.

Disseminate Essential Information

Banners are a way to showcase the underlying message of the content through a few words in a brief way. They can publicize your forthcoming brand events or activities to the target audience.

Eco-friendly option

Banners apply to replace more costly permanent signs. It also has an eco-friendly impact on our climate as it is reusable.

Types of Banners

Retractable Banners

These banners are primarily used in fairs and expos and contain QR codes to guide the audience to the digital presence.

Framed Banners

Framed banners are used for hoardings with text and graphics enclosed within the definite frame.

Pole Banners

Best for institutions, stores, and organizations to announce an event.

Feather Banners

Businesses and event organizers use this type to promote events.

POP Display Banners

Used by stores with relatively larger space to highlight their products and services.

Backwall Display Banners

Organizations with huge spaces use this banner as a display of their products, services, and events.

Suspended and Hanging Banners

These banners are primarily hung on fences and railings in stores and streets to announce events.

Step Banners

Step banners are ideal as publicity banners in red carpet events.

Pro Tips

For newcomers to the concept of digital display advertising, you can start with these four most common sizes

  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle, 40% of the page
  • 728×90 Leaderboard – 25%
  • 320×50 Mobile Leaderboard – 12%
  • 160×600 Wide Skyscraper – 12%