Business Card Design

A Business Card encompasses your name, address, and occupation. It is utilized to build contacts and establish connections.

Types of Business Card Designs


This is the most basic type which adheres to incorporating the name, address, and occupation but does not venture further.


Premium business cards includes essential details as well as vivid colours and templates to the design.


The Gloss business card is seen to be shiny and vibrant with the inclusion of images. It instills a look of sophistication.


The material of the card feels smooth as silk and is well suited to induce a professional view.


The two-sided business card can host prints on both sides and is the best to integrate additional information.


Business cards can be customized by implementing one or two features of the above-mentioned types into one.

Why should you have a Business Card


By using specialized templates and colours, make your cards synonymous to your brand or business.


Seek to offer information-rich business cards which can enhance the existing trust and credibility of your business.


An ideal business card can help you exhibit your professionalism through its well-designed and structured layout.

A handy marketing tool

Create business cards which can market your brand or business by featuring its crucial elements in the best possible way.


Design business cards which can stand out from the mundane. This will certainly enhance the visibility of your business to your target market.

Consider the following factors to design your Business Card

Maintain Consistency

While designing your business cards, it is important to establish consistency of its elements. This will help you enhance your credibility.

Choose the right design

Choosing the right design is key. This acts as a catalyst to convey the personality of you or your business in the best possible way.

Maintain Individuality

Create a business card which stands apart and expresses individuality. This will especially be helpful to build a unique identity.

Avoid the overload of words

Do not include all the specifics about you or your business. Stick to including the most crucial information which is truly important.

Get Creative

A creative business card can make a difference. Creativity in this case is not just about the design elements, but is also about the detail and structure.