Catalogue Design

An ideal catalogue template showcases content, products, or portfolio of a brand. There are 101 ways to create one, but first, let us look at what catalogues are and what factors apply to make a great catalogue.

What are catalogues?

Catalogue is an ordered list of items. It can be a list of products, services or anything associated with a brand or a business. Catalogues are of two kinds

Printed catalogue

A printed catalogue is a conventional item of media. For example, the fashion and beauty magazine look-alike books that existed earlier. Those catalogues were regal copies made of textured premium papers with scent and a glossy sheen.

Digital catalogue

In today’s digital world, digital catalogues eliminate the space constraint used to limit information on the page on a standard catalogue. Digital catalogues exist in digital space.

Based on the design and formats, catalogue can further be divided into

Book catalogue

This catalogue form is mostly used in libraries, be it school, public or college libraries.

Card catalogue

This form of catalogue is also used mostly in libraries and consists of the collection of books and manuscripts in a library.

On-line Public Access Catalogue

This is a digital catalogue format for a bard and a book catalogue used by businesses and libraries.

Classified catalogue

This form of catalogue is primarily used in documentation centers for classifying the contents.

Title catalogue

It is used by businesses to specify the products/services and information title-wise.

Businesses employ catalogue marketing to bundle numerous goods together in a printed copy or an online store. GullySales has a range of templates and formats of catalogues that will help promote your services more efficiently.

Fresh Information

Catalogues introduce new concepts. They raise customer awareness and encourage them to purchase through alternative channels.

Compel the Audience

Catalogues assists businesses in creating compelling interactive sessions which direct customers to gain memorable brand experiences. Targeting with catalogues is now considerably more manageable due to enormous industry databases holding demographic information on millions of households.

More digital leads

Many businesses have amassed their databases due to online purchases, which they can use to divide their customers by type and buying history. It allows you to focus on only the highest-quality leads, ensuring that the correct catalogues deliver to the appropriate people.

Things to follow while creating catalogue designs

Creating a catalogue is not an easy task, it requires careful planning and finalizing the design and look and the content of the catalogue. Gully Sales follows the below-mentioned point while creating different forms of catalogues for brands and businesses.

Clear and concise content

A catalogue is a highlight of products and services of a brand. As such, it should have information-rich content about the products/services to convert potential customers into long-term customers.

Being trendy

The content and look of the catalogue should be trendy in tune with the present culture and taste. Digital catalogues have fresh content about the latest trends.

Using cutting-edge prints

Experiment with multiple formats and sizes to determine what works best for your customers. For some businesses, their catalogue is their direct sales approach. Explore catalogue content designs with Gully Sales and bring on enriching and engaging ideas.

What is the process of catalogue designing in GullySales?

The process of catalogue design with GullySales goes through the following steps:

  • Collecting relevant product/service data
  • Writing copies of catalogue information
  • Brainstorm and decide the catalogue look and layout
  • Finalising product/service images
  • Finalising and incorporating price points
  • Highlighting benefits of services and brand

Catalogues are simple to consume, allowing customers to take their time and enjoy the sensation of being transported through visuals and tales. With innovative content concepts from Gully Sales, you can get your own beautiful catalogue.