What is an Illustration?

An illustration seeks to illustrate a picture or information to make it appealing. The illustration is used to complement a content or it can also be presented solely.

The Types of Illustration Designs


Infographics encompass relevant images and data in relation to the subject in focus. The illustrations part of infographics has a major role in attracting attention.

Scientific Illustration Design

Illustrate scientific content which acts as an explainer for the mentioned subject. Scientific illustrations are crucial to help the reader interpret the concept.

Marketing Illustration Design

As the name suggests these illustration designs support the marketing of a product or service. These designs can also showcase the features of your products.

Editorial Illustration Design

Create ingenious illustrations which are creative to support texts in magazines, books, and newspapers.

Custom Illustration Design

You can also Personalize your illustrations based on your subjective need to meet your requirements.

You need to know about the 5 key benefits of Illustrations

Helps represent the information

A well-designed illustration can help illustrate information better. This complements the content and fosters value.

Attracts attention

Since illustrations are creatively inclined they have the ability to attract immediate attention from your target audience.

Stays on mind

A vivid illustration can stimulate interest and can stay in the minds of your target audience for a long period of time. This helps in the promotion of your brand and its products or services.

Acts as a reference

A good illustration can act as a reference to help your target audience understand the information which is being presented.

Adds visual appeal

An illustration can supplement appeal through its visually pleasing elements which are made to stand out.

Consider the following factors to create your Illustration Designs

Recognize the Target audience

Tweak the nature of your illustration designs after knowing your target audience. This can be done by playing with its presentation & tones.

Pay attention to the Subject

Lay additional emphasis on the subject behind the illustrations to create ones which are truly representative of it.

Optimize Space

Focus on creating effective illustration designs by optimizing the provided space. This promotes innovative designs and prevents wastage of space

Focus on Quality

Create high-quality illustration designs with the support of well-trained graphic designers who utilize specialized software for the purpose.

Maintain Consistency

After comprehending the subject, incorporate design elements which are directly related to the same to avoid irrelevance and to maintain consistency.

Things to follow while creating catalogue designs

Creating a catalogue is not an easy task, it requires careful planning and finalizing the design and look and the content of the catalogue. Gully Sales follows the below-mentioned point while creating different forms of catalogues for brands and businesses.

Clear and concise content

A catalogue is a highlight of products and services of a brand. As such, it should have information-rich content about the products/services to convert potential customers into long-term customers.

Being trendy

The content and look of the catalogue should be trendy in tune with the present culture and taste. Digital catalogues have fresh content about the latest trends.

Using cutting-edge prints

Experiment with multiple formats and sizes to determine what works best for your customers. For some businesses, their catalogue is their direct sales approach. Explore catalogue content designs with GullySales and bring on enriching and engaging ideas.

What is the process of catalogue designing in Gully Sales?

The process of catalogue design with GullySales goes through the following steps:

  • Collecting relevant product/service data
  • Writing copies of catalogue information
  • Brainstorm and decide the catalogue look and layout
  • Finalising product/service images
  • Finalising and incorporating price points
  • Highlighting benefits of services and brand


Catalogues are simple to consume, allowing customers to take their time and enjoy the sensation of being transported through visuals and tales. With innovative content concepts from GullySales, you can get your own beautiful catalogue.