Invitation Card Design

Invitations are a unique and personal way to invite guests to your special event and go out for a variety of events.
If there’s one thing you should know about invitation designers, it’s that there’s a lot more to it than just knowing how to create calligraphy/artwork and graphic design. It’s knowing how to put it all together, tell the story of the project you’re working on, and elevate their vision for their invitation.

What are the elements of an Invitation that makes it a good design?

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From save-the-date cards to invites to programs, using a similar style for all of your invitations is key.


Before taking on the task of designing, thinking, and making a layout of the details of the event is crucial. This allows for the invitation to be designed in a systematic format.


One of the cornerstone rules of invitation design is that the more blank space there is on the card, the better. The human eye has an easier time seeing uncluttered designs. Make sure you have the proper ratio of text to open space.


Keep in mind that the primary objective of your invitation is to provide information. While the visual aspect of your invitation is important, the true heart of your invitation is its content. The who, what, when, where, why, and cost of attendance should all be included in the invitation.


Color is more important than shape or material. Utilizing colors that complement your event's theme on your invitation is important.


Placing a logo where it is prominent, a picture where it is appealing is an essential element in designing an invitation.


The style of your event must be reflected in the design of your invitation. If you're designing invitations for an art show, use the same colors and graphic forms as your paintings or installations. Conventional shapes and muted colors are important for a corporate event.

Types of Invitation Design

Calendar Date

Your invitation cards might be designed to seem like a calendar box, with a huge number for the date and a handwritten message for the event, time, location, and any other information your guests will need to know.

Abstract Designs

Abstract design invitations have a quirky spunk and each design is unique.

Map it

Another unique way of designing your invitations is adding maps to them.

Die-cut Invitations

You can shape your invitations according to your theme. If it’s a wedding invitation, you can use cut-outs of the groom and bride on your invitation.