What is Label Design?

Label design is the process of creating a composition of many design elements. To further the intricacy, some of the design elements are often provided by a client while others need to be self-created.

Importance of Labels

Marketing strategy

Labeling is an important part of marketing as it distinguishes the product from other similar products.


A well-designed label can grab the attention of the buyer as it will always stand out from the other products displayed.


The label of a product helps in identifying the product’s brand. This helps a viewer to differentiate the product from the rest on the shelves of the market.


Labels consist of all the information of the product, for example, manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients used, all the legal signs, etc. This helps the buyer in decision-making.

Brand awareness

Labels create brand awareness among the consumers. Every label contains the brand information of the product creating an awareness of the brand among the consumers.

Label Design Process

Before we start with anything we make sure to talk with our clients about their requirements and after this, we ensure to take the following details


This is the most important part of a label. And this is also the first thing we ask from the clients.

Product details

We collect all the relevant details about their product so that we can put them on the label.

File type and dimension

We ask for the file type and the dimension for the product. But if a client doesn’t have these then we connect it directly with the printer.

Type of packaging

We ensure the type of packaging of the product which helps us to determine whether you need to create a front and back label or a label that runs around.

Branding guidelines

Not all the clients have it but if you do, then we are happy to follow it.


Different clients have different preferences as to how the look and feel of the label should be. We try to make the most of our design time and get a clear idea from the very beginning.

Pro Tip:

The label of your product has only one major motive, that is, to market the product. Design the label in a way where it tells that the product is from your brand. Create unique labels to capture the eyes and also to communicate the message of your product to the buyers.

It should have all the information about your product so that people stay informed about what you are providing and how it is beneficial to them. Also, don’t forget to make it visually attractive because only then it will stand out from the competition.