A letterhead refers to a heading at the top of a letter paper. The heading primarily comprises the name, address, and logo of a brand, business, or company. Letterheads are utilized to reinforce your brand in its entirety to establish its stand.

Types of Letterhead Designs


This letterhead comprises the name, address, logo of the brand or company and it speaks to a wider audience.


Custom Letterheads are made for individuals who are required to send out memos and letters on their behalf for internal & external communication.


Specialized letterheads are designed to cater to a specific sector or department, and it addresses the audience concerned with the same.


The Letterheads can be personalized according to the requirement by inducing a suitable design and structure.

Why do you need a Letterhead

  • A letterhead can create the best first impression.
  • It can add professional value.
  • A letterhead can help establish more contacts.
  • It can improvise the identity of your business.
  • A formally constructed letterhead can build credibility.

Designing the perfect Letterhead can help you reap the following benefits

Enhanced Brand image

Customized and impactful letterheads have the potential to enhance the image of your brand.

Promotion of your brand

Letterheads can emphasize your brand’s identity by highlighting its name, address, and logo. This leads to brand promotion.

Enhanced Credibility

Curating well-worded and designed letterheads can garner trust and credibility from your present and prospective clients.

Elevation of Professional value

You can enhance the professional value by designing the perfect letterheads for your brand or business.

Bolsters individuality

Using templates and color tones which are synonymous with your brand or company will add value and set it apart.

Factors to Consider for Designing an Effective Letterhead

Adopt Simplicity

Refrain from adding all the specifics about you or your company. Choose the content wisely to maintain simplicity and relevance.

Select the right Fonts

If the letterhead intends to establish professionalism, it is essential to choose fonts which can act as a vehicle to exhibit the same.

Pick the perfect color scheme

Research to choose the perfect colors which are on par with the personality of you or your brand. This also helps establish your identity.

Choose the best design

This is crucial because this sets the foundation for the creation of your letterhead. Thus choosing the best one will offer a favorable impression.

Maintain a structure

No one wants to see a clumsy letterhead. Thus it is key to arrange the information in a comprehensible and straightforward manner to avoid disorderly positioning.