What is Packaging Design?

Packaging design is the connection of form, structure, materials, colour, imagery, and regulatory information with ancillary design elements to make a product suitable for marketing.

The Importance of Packaging Design

First impressions

According to research, About 70% of the consumers have said that they bought a product because of the packaging and they made their buying decision in the store.


A well-designed packaging can always help the product reach the customer safely. A lot of people complain that the product was damaged because of the lack of quality packaging.

Increases sales

If your product’s packaging is attractive then it is bound to drive in more sales than usual.

Brand image

If the design of the packaging is captivating enough then it sets the image of the brand higher than its competition.

The Questions to Ask Before Starting the Design

There are three very essential questions that one needs to ask before designing the packaging for the product:

What is the product?

Different products need different types of packaging. It is always necessary to keep in mind the dimensions of the product for better packaging.

How are people buying the product?

Always keep in mind how the product will reach the consumers. Packaging of an online store will always be different from the local boutique shops.

Who is buying the product?

The packaging of the product should be appealing to the targeted consumer, before starting to design the packaging one must think of the consumer. For instance, you need to add larger text for the products made for elderly consumers for better visibility.

The Process of Designing

Understand the packaging

We always try to understand the product and how to design the packaging accordingly.

Choosing the right packaging

Not every packaging is the same as every other product. So choosing the right packaging is the next important step.

Creating the information layout

All the packaging needs the product information in it, such as the name of the product, product description, required signs, and symbols, etc. So creating a layout on how to put all the information on the packaging is one of the important steps.

Use of strong words and emotions

Different forms of material resonate with different people. To get your objectives and goals accomplished, use captivating phrases.

Evaluating the design

After all of the above steps are completed it is always necessary to evaluate the design of the packaging if it honestly represents the product that is being sold.

Pro Tip

The packaging of your product has to be unique to you so that while marketing it is easier for people to differentiate your product from others. In other words, people should know that it is your brand and that they can trust it. Create unique packagings to capture the eyes and also to communicate the message of your product to the buyers. It should have all the information about your product so that people stay informed about what you are providing and how it is beneficial to them. Also, don’t forget to make it visually attractive because only then it will stand out from the competition.