What is a Resume?

A resume is a formally written document that gives an insight into your professional qualifications. It mainly includes information regarding your education, skills, accomplishments, and necessary work experience.

Purpose of a Resume

You will have to convince the employer that you are worth interviewing and your resume is the way to do it. It is one of the most important documents that will shape your career. Your resume is a valuable tool that you can use to highlight your experience to prospective employers.

If your resume provides a concise summary of your relevant qualifications and skills that make your ability to handle the work as clear as possible, you will get more interviews.

Different Resumes We Design

People commonly think that there is just one way to write a resume but in actuality, there’s a variety of ways you can write your resume. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. The different types of resumes:

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume opens with an introduction, and then provides an overview of your professional history in reverse-chronological order.

Functional Resume

Functional resumes are made in a way so that it brings the reader’s attention to your abilities and skills, instead of just the work history (which is kind of boring from time to time).

Targeted Resume

A targeted resume highlights any highly appropriate skills and experience you have, and writing your resume to focus on these qualifications.

Combination Resume

A combination resume is a format that combines the best aspects of a functional resume and a chronological resume.

Importance of a Designed Resume

Highlights your skills

A well-designed resume always points out your skills and achievements to the employer making you more favorable for the job opening.

Lead you to interviews

Resumes are the base that will lead you to the interview. A good resume always increases your chance of getting through to your dream job’s interview.

Display of benefits you offer

A well-designed resume displays your skill and all other benefits you offer to the company you applied for.

Grabs the attention

A well-built and maintained resume is the key to grabbing the attention of the employer.

Matches you to the position

An appealing resume contains skills that are relevant to the requirements of the position you are applying for. You can do this efficiently by including the same keywords in your resume that are found in the job description.

Pro Tips

The more professional your resume looks the better chances are for you to get opportunities that you always wanted. Design your resumes in a very unique and professional style, so that it looks good as well as it is not distracting. Try to make it unique so that you stand out from the crowd. Add everything you think is relevant for the post you are applying and make sure you go through your resume. There should be no room for errors in your resume as it is a deciding factor for your career.