What is a Web Banner?

A service provided by an ad server, a web banner is a type of advertising on the internet that aims at attracting traffic to your website. It brings in traffic to the website with the help of the advertisement that has the link of your website embedded in it.

Importance of Web Banner

Generate leads

Web banners can generate leads with the help of special offers such as a free trial, newsletter signup, or download.

Building brand awareness

Web banners can effectively build brand awareness as they get your business name out there across the internet.

Increase sales

Web banners can increase sales for online stores when the banner serves to promote a product or service. These sales can be increased when ads are remarketed to interested leads. Learn more about what remarketing entails.


Web banners are a successful type of CTA as it directly takes the viewer to the sales page of your business website.

Designing Process

We maintain hierarchy

We know that a well-designed banner ad can increase brand awareness and traffic to your website and therefore we keep 3 things in mind while designing the banner:

  • The Logo: It is an important element that builds up your brand awareness.
  • The Value Proposition: This element drives CTA as it just focuses on the offers such as high quality, 50% off, etc.
  • The CTA: The CTA is the text or button that invites users to click. The most common phrases used on websites are ‘Get started’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Know More’ etc.

We use the most effective size

Google AdSense has made a layout of certain dimensions which is used for designing the banner in a way that it fulfills the target it was meant to.

We try to keep the banner simple

This is because the viewer is just going to watch your banner for a second or so. So the texts and graphics in the banner should be clear and simple for better understanding.

Use of image

Images are a strong way to convey a message and hence, we use high-quality meaningful pictures to grab the viewer’s attention.

Use of animations

Visual movements attract the eyes to it. We use this trick to attract the viewer's attention to the banner by using animations in it.

Use of correct colours

Colors play a vital role in grabbing the attention of the viewer and therefore, we use colors thoughtfully to increase the opportunity for you.

Pro Tips

Web banners should be attractive enough so that it attracts the eyes of the viewers. The use of proper color, animations, and pictures can be the key. Keep it as simple as possible but at the same time add all the relevant information. Design it in a way where it conveys your message, generates clicks, and CTAs. Make it unique for better returns from it. Because it is one of the most efficient ways to drive traffic to your site.