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Earn recognition for your ayurvedic clinic and services with the right marketing strategies such as website building and optimization, increasing search engine rankings through SEO, social media marketing, etc. Reach out to more qualified prospects, educate them about your services, and gain more patients for your ayurvedic clinic. 

Challenges faced by Ayurveda clinics with digital marketing

The demand for ayurvedic treatments, medicines, and services is rising rapidly. The current time is a brilliant opportunity to grow your Ayurvedic treatments and services. Therefore, you need to obtain an ideal sales and marketing process to grow your Ayurveda clinic and services, and avoid the following hindrances or challenges that occur.

  • High market competition.
  • Poor online presence.
  • Lack of a digital marketing plan.
  • Sparse patient count.
  • Inability to spread brand awareness.

Our recommended 5 marketing and sales strategies to get your Ayurveda clinic a boost on the internet

1. Website design and optimization

Your website is the first place for your prospects to land on. Create an informative, creative, and technically well-built website for your Ayurveda clinic with the fast loading speed, easy accessibility, a brand-oriented outline, and more. 

Features of a well-built Ayurveda clinic brand website:

  • Home page
  • About us page for your company
  • About Ayurveda page 
  • Services page offering services such as online consultation, product purchase, etc.
  • Doctors’ page 
  • Testimonials page
  • Blogs page 
  • Contact us page

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Outrank your competitor websites on the search engines like Google and Yahoo. Apply search engine optimization techniques to boost the rankings of your Ayurveda clinic website, attract more potential patients, and increase patient conversion rate rapidly.  

Recommended SEO strategies for an Ayurveda clinic website:

  • Keyword research and implementation such as ‘Best Ayurveda clinic in (city name)’, ‘Ayurvedic treatment for (a cause)’ for better web visibility.
  • Create titles out of the most used keywords.
  • Produce attractive descriptions for web pages.
  • Internal linking, content structuration – On-page SEO.
  • Improve Google My Business rankings and reviews.

3. Content Marketing

Create a content strategy, produce engagingly informative content through content writing, video production, product photography, etc. for your Ayurveda website, social media handles, YouTube channel, etc. Post at the right time, at the rightly suitable platforms for higher engagements and best results. 

Ideas for an Ayurveda brand’s content marketing:

  • Blogs 
  • Articles on Ayurvedic studies, your practices 
  • Description for every web page
  • Written testimonials and video clips
  • Introductory and promotional videos
  • Attractive photography
  • Relatable social media content 

4. Social Media Marketing

Create an appealing and prestigious presence on social media. Conduct the market research over social media, segregate your audience, study their interests and behaviors, and post highly relevant content to attract and convert the maximum of your prospects.

Recommended platforms for social media marketing:

  • LinkedIn: Connect with industry experts and establish a brand reputation and authority through professional posting on LinkedIn. 


  • Facebook: Post content that addresses general health issues, promotes your brand, and increases the sales of your Ayurveda products and services. 


  • Instagram: Gather most of your audience from Instagram using the post boosting feature for specified audiences and relevant hashtags. Share creative content, testimonials, brand features, etc.

5. Email Marketing

Utilize email marketing for mass awareness, personal notification, promotion, and reminding purposes. Consistently push emails to multiple prospects, enquirers, and patients for multiple causes and establish healthy customer relationships. 

Best email marketing ideas for Ayurveda brands:

  • Promotional emails
  • Informative emails regarding treatments and clinical facilities 
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Personalized appointment reminders
  • Offer notifications
  • Feedback emails

Benefits of the sales and marketing process for Ayurveda clinic brand

  • Attain higher search engine rankings and better web visibility for your Ayurveda clinic website with proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 
  • Create better user satisfaction with an optimized and attractive website. Hence, increase the patient conversion rate rapidly. 
  • Impact your prospects with high-quality content copies, articles, blogs, and more. 
  • Form crucial customer relationships for your Ayurvedic products and services through email marketing and social media marketing.
  • Build patient trust and brand reputation online on LinkedIn and get benefitted.
  • Use social media for broadly announcing your Ayurveda services and popularizing your clinical treatments and products.