Learn about what and why the education sector faces challenges with popularizing its services, building brand reputation, instilling trust and credibility, turning in students, etc. And the solutions to overcome them as well as to increase service sales with a higher return on investment (ROI).

Challenges faced by the education centers with digitally marketing their services

Today, the education sector undoubtedly makes one of the largest and accreting businesses in India. This factor makes education brands increase rapidly in the market. With the availability of manifold options, there arises sheer competition. That’s one of the major hindrances for new education centers, institutes, and brands to flourish. 

Let us look at more of the major challenges that education centers face due to ineffective digital marketing.

  • Availability of multiple learning options
  • Trust and credibility issues 
  • Low word of mouth generation
  • Low service sales
  • Poor or rather no online presence
  • Improper marketing strategy
  • Marketing resources barrier 

6 finely chosen digital marketing solutions for education centers

1. Website Design and Optimization

You need to design a versatile website for your education brand that’s user-friendly, easily accessible on multiple devices, has appealing features, rightly structured content, and is technically well-developed to serve all your needs. After all, your website is the first place for your visitors to land and get an idea about your brand. 

Features of an education center’s website:

  • Home page 
  • About us page
  • Courses page
  • Personal dashboard 
  • E-learning option (if exists)
  • Students’ results page
  • Login and Registration window
  • Students’ testimonial page 
  • Career page
  • Blog page
  • Contact page


And more of such features according to the brand’s needs and versatility. 

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Begin with professional search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for your education website. Incorporate the best suitable techniques to rank your website high in the search engine results, reach out to your qualified prospects, and gain high volumes of traffic on your website for more conversions and increased service sales.

Recommended SEO strategies:

  • Keyword Research: Conduct keyword research and incorporate the most popular key terms in your website content to be found easily. For example: ‘top education platforms, education center’.

  • On-page SEO: Perform internal linking of your web content, structurize content, add relevant titles and headlines, and maintain relevant keyword density for best results. 

  • Local SEO: Strengthen your appearance in the local searches by adding local keywords such as ‘top education centers near me’, collecting Google reviews for your education brand’s service in Google listings, proper contact details, etc. 

3. Ad Campaign

Run ad campaigns to simplify and fasten the sales and marketing process of your education services. Get your education brand huge recognition through targeting relevant audiences and pushing out ads on several suitable platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Recommended kinds of ad campaigns:

  • Google ads
  • Retargeting ads
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Instagram ads
  • YouTube ads

4. Email Marketing

Consider email marketing as an all-time ‘go-to’ sales and marketing strategy for your education brand.  Sending emails to prospective students and parents, existing students and parents, and alumni keeps you connected to them for a long period as well as markets your services cost-effectively. Form short and creative emails that compel the receiver to go through them. 

Kinds of emails recommended for email marketing:

  • Promotional emails.
  • Updates on admissions, special events.
  • Reminders for class, tests, and other events.
  • Suggestions on courses to choose.
  • Introductory emails regarding the services provided.

5. Social Media Marketing

Market your prestigious education brand and services to a wider chunk of qualified prospects. Develop interesting, interactive, short, and catchy posts such as facts, quotes, promotional content, and more. Utilize social media for segregating your target audience based on their demographics and geodemographics, and targeting them with social media promotional posts. 

Recommended social media platforms for marketing education services:

  • Facebook: Leverage Facebook to connect with huge crowds online and promote your service through engaging graphical, video, and written content. Share your mission and vision, students’ results and testimonials, etc. 
  • LinkedIn: Connect and communicate with professionals belonging to the education industry on LinkedIn and grab the attention of their audiences through interesting insights about your company. 
  • Instagram: Use Instagram viral features such as reels, video posts, stories, re-posts, etc. Boost posts to grab more audience and increase your service sales. 
  • Twitter: Follow up with the education market trends, share your results, facts, and insights, maintain tweet consistency, and broadcast your services widely. Address student issues and provide solutions in your post simultaneously to promote your brand. 

6. Content Marketing

Create high-quality content that tends to stick to the reader’s mind. Through relevant, well-crafted, and rightly strategized content, you can differently impact the audiences’ decision-making capacity. 

Recommended forms of content for marketing education services:

  • Video content: Create and share introductory, promotional, and interactive videos in a sticky way that brilliantly markets your education services. Include testimonials of students, alumni, and teachers. 
  • Social media content: Create catchy and snappy posts that are remarkable and sell your services smartly.
  • Blogs: Create informative and SEO-based blogs for the website.
  • FAQs

Benefits of digital marketing for the online learning industry

  • Get higher search engine rankings, better web visibility, and stronger brand recognition by implementing a series of specialized SEO.
  • With your constant existence on social media platforms, sharing video testimonials, performing email marketing, displaying results, and more, establish a trustworthy presence online for your education brand. 
  • Construct a strong education brand reputation through rightly executing LinkedIn marketing. 
  • Attract and convert maximum audience rapidly through well-optimized and remarkable content, and ad campaigns.
  • Constantly keep in touch with your prospects, students, and alumni through social media and email marketing. Generate word of mouth and get benefitted.
  • Increase service sales rapidly for your education brand by executing the above-discussed, researched marketing plan.