A strong digital marketing plan can create a huge difference in your psychiatry profession. Grow online, establish an attractive presence, gain web traffic, better leads, and faster conversions with GullySales’ tried and tested sales and marketing process, a specialized set of strategies for taking your psychiatry practices higher. 

Challenges faced by psychiatrists to grow digitally

Indian societies are becoming more considerate and accepting towards mental illness and psychiatry. The ‘taboo’ from these topics would soon cease to exist. Since people have become more open to understanding, realizing, and accepting the need for psychiatry, psychiatrists have been in demand in recent years. 

A huge chunk of your prospects browse the internet to search for the best suitable doctors and services easily. Therefore, the need to get known online and grow your practices faster, digital marketing has become the need of the hour. Opt for our accessed sales and marketing services to get saved from the following challenges that mostly psychiatrists face.

Challenges faced by psychiatrists:

  • High market competition 
  • Low ROI
  • Poor patient count and conversion rate
  • Trust and credibility issues
  • Lower web visibility
  • Slower growth
  • No brand awareness and reputation
  • No social media presence

Our 5 recommended sales and marketing services for psychiatrists

1. Website design and optimization

Creating a website refers to taking the first step towards digital growth. An attractive website with smooth functioning features gathers the most of the user satisfaction. It positively impacts their time to stay on your website. Secondly, a website must be informative enough to keep the visitor engaged.

Features of a well-built website for psychiatrists:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Doctors’ page
  • Specialties/Services page
  • Appointment page
  • Blog, case studies, media & press, etc. pages
  • Contact page

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

To take your website to greater heights, make use of proper SEO techniques. Effective SEO techniques help search engines to recognize your web pages and rank them on the top search engine result page. Gain more web traffic, leads, and conversions for your psychiatric practices. 

Recommended SEO strategies for psychiatrists’ website

  • Keyword research and incorporation. For example, ‘best psychiatrist in the city, ‘best mental illness treatment in Bangalore’
  • Well-structured and organized website
  • Excellent technical functioning such as loading speed, user-friendly navigation, cross-device compatibility, etc.
  • Internal linking, backlinking
  • Optimized title tags, descriptions, URLs, etc. 
  • Google reviews and proper contact details.

3. Content marketing

A great piece of content is capable of attracting and engaging audiences on your website and other platforms for quite some time. The best content includes a set of keywords, SEO, excellent graphics, interesting & engaging information. 

Content marketing ideas for psychiatrists 

  • Blogs and articles on mental conditions and issues, treatments, etc.
  • Simplified, communicative, and interesting social media posts
  • Knowledgeable descriptive webpages
  • Testimonials in written and video formats
  • Promotional posts for social media handles
  • FAQ and factual posts
  • Introductory, promotional, and educational video clips for video marketing for YouTube and social media.

4. Social media marketing

A strong social media presence besides accumulating audiences, builds reputation, trust, and credibility for your services and psychiatry practices. Easily target your audiences on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and engage them with posts for increased brand awareness, better patient conversion rate, more recognition, and generating referrals. Also, promote your posts to your target audience for faster results. 

Recommended social media platforms for psychiatrists:

  • Facebook: Communicate your story, posts, videos, big/small interesting articles, graphics, conduct social media events & contests, etc.
  • Instagram: Share creative graphical posts, video clips, use reels & stories. Importantly, share informative captions, share mental health tips, etc. Use relevant hashtags and promote posts for increased engagement. 
  • Twitter: Create catchy Twitter posts, FAQs about psychiatry, use hashtags, and assess post insights to strategize your marketing campaign accordingly.
  • LinkedIn: Establish connections with prominent psychiatrists, share relevant posts, build reputation, and therefore, trust amongst patients.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing keeps your prospects and clients in touch with you. Creatively create informative/educational emails on mental health, promotional emails, reminders, etc. Send automated emails, general emails for your prospects, and personalized emails to your existing clients to promote your psychiatric clinic wisely. 

Recommended ideas for email marketing content:

  • Newsletters
  • Offers on treatments and medication
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Factual emails 
  • Promotional emails

Benefits of the sales and marketing process for psychiatrists

  • Efficiently increase web visibility for your psychiatry.
  • Improved search engine rankings for your psychiatrists’ website.
  • Better user experience and satisfaction with a well-optimized website. 
  • Broaden the market for your psychiatry on social media.
  • Build a reputation for your psychiatric practices and clinic.
  • Generate more referrals through social media marketing campaigns.
  • Faster recognition through ad campaigns.
  • Boost the client conversion rate rapidly.
  • Establish lasting doctor-patient relationships through emails.