Umptillion of your prospects are seeking your radiology practices online, and you are probably unable to reach, direct, and convert them. These problems are solvable and we would do that for you. With GullySales’s diverse and assessed set of sales and marketing strategies, you can popularize your radiology practices & clinic, reach out to your audience, generate leads, and convert maximum prospects.

Challenges faced by radiologists with digital marketing

With the persistent flourishing of the healthcare sector in India, several significant parts of it witness intensified demand in the market. Radiology being the prime step to the stairway of disorder treatment is valued at $1655.35 million in 2019 and is projected to grow at 9.03% by 2026. 

To reach out to your potential patients in real large numbers, you must know the places you fall behind and the solutions to it. Let us look at the struggles that most radiologists deal with, in their growth process.

  • High market competition 
  • Unknown or no online presence
  • Lower web visibility
  • Poor patient conversion rate
  • No social media presence
  • Low ROI

Our 4 recommended sales and marketing services for radiologists

1. Website design and optimization

Provide a website to your audience that’s good-looking, well-structured, has industry-oriented design, is easily accessible, or has cross-device compatibility, user-friendly, and informative. Since your website is the base for information about your radiology practices and services.

Features of a well-built website for radiologists 

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Doctors’ page
  • Specialties/Services page
  • Appointment page
  • Blog, case studies page
  • Media & press/recognition page
  • Career page
  • Contact page

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without recognition, a website loses importance. Apply a set of suitable superlative SEO techniques to take your website higher in Google listings and search engine results page to gain recognition, generate more leads, and convert more prospects. 

Recommended SEO strategies for radiologist websites

  • Incorporate well-researched keywords for higher appearance in SERPs. For example, ‘best radiologist in the city, ‘best MRI services in Bangalore’.
  • Well-structured and organized radiology content on the website.
  • Smooth technical functioning such as loading speed, web security, cross-device compatibility, etc.
  • User-friendly features.
  • Optimized title tags, descriptions, URLs, etc. 
  • Internal linking and backlinking website content.
  • Google reviews and proper contact details.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Adopt a social media marketing strategy for your radiology clinic and services to distinguish your audience and target them with appropriate content for maximum recognition and profitability. Social media marketing is one of the cheapest sales and marketing processes that produce great results. 

Recommended social media platforms for radiologists:

  • Facebook: Share interactive informative and promotional posts, videos, interesting articles and captions, graphics, etc. for your radiology services. 

  • Twitter: Create promotional Twitter posts, keep your feed updated, post FAQs about radiology use hashtags, and monitor insights to strategize your marketing campaign accordingly.

  • LinkedIn: Establish connections with prominent radiology professionals, companies, and their audiences. Share relevant posts, build reputation, trust, and credibility amongst your audience.

4. Content marketing

Create content that possesses the power to impact your prospects and makes them choose you. Develop SEO enriched, high-quality descriptive content for web pages, to educate your visitors about your radiology practices. Create short and simplified content for social media platforms for high impact. 

Content marketing ideas for radiologists 

  • Blogs and articles on different branches of radiology, diagnosis and treatment processes, etc.
  • Informative, simplified, and promotional social media posts.
  • Educational descriptive webpages.
  • FAQ and facts.
  • Introductory, promotional, educational, and testimonial video clips for youtube and social media.

Benefits of the sales and marketing process for radiologists

  • Applying proper SEO techniques, increase web visibility for your radiology clinic and practices.
  • Improve search engine rankings for your radiologist website.
  • Create a better user experience and satisfaction with a well-optimized radiologist website. 
  • Generate more return on investment for your sales and marketing campaigns. 
  • Build a reputation for your radiologists and radiology clinic.
  • Generate more leads through social media marketing campaigns.
  • Faster recognition through social media ad campaigns.
  • Intensify the patient conversion rate.