Solar Industry

Make your solar business thrive by establishing an esteemed online presence. Employ our elite digital marketing and sales strategies to generate more leads, increase solar product sales, earn recognition and reputation for the company. 

Challenges that solar industries face with digital marketing

The global solar energy sector is enlarging at its max pace. One simple yet significant way to increase the sales of your solar products in the market densely populated with numerous brands is to build an attractive online presence. Because it’s the internet, in today’s world, a maximum number of people are found to make an online research and brand comparison before buying a product. 


Well, marketing is not a piece of cake. There happen to be a series of challenges that solar companies face during the process. 

  • Downright market competition
  • Trust issues and confusion regarding the product and recurring services
  • Brand’s inadequate web visibility 
  • Fewer sales
  • Consumer inertia due to credibility issues, brand reputation, etc.
  • Low returns on investment (ROI)

We recommend 6 digital marketing solutions to grow your solar product sales

1.Web Design and Optimization

Get a website for your solar company describing your story, products, services, values, etc. A website is an essential platform where your customers land and get necessary information about your brand. Make your website smooth at functioning on multiple devices, exhibit content that’s easy to grasp, looks professional, and attractively sell your products. 

Features of an ideal solar website:

  • A ‘Home’ page with an attractive banner image, content, logo, etc.
  • An ‘About’ page describing your vision, mission, overview, etc.
  • A ‘Company’ page exhibiting your team, investors, etc.
  • A ‘Know More’ page redirecting to the top-selling products, product availability as per cities, customer testimonials, etc.
  • ‘Services’ page – including installation, customer support, product servicing, and more.
  • ‘Products’ page with pricing
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions)
  • ‘Blogs’ page
  • ‘Contact’ page

2. Content Marketing

Produce content that is informative, interesting, attention-grabbing, and engaging. Content marketing is a must for a solar brand to boost product sales, build a company reputation, aware people, and fetch customers.

Content ideas for the solar industry:

  • Blogs
  • Brochure
  • Articles
  • Product Images and videos
  • Product review videos

Recommended platforms for performing content marketing: 

  • Company website
  • Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • YouTube

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Bring your solar brand up! Through proper usage of SEO, you can dramatically intensify the web visibility for your company and products. Search engine optimization refers to engineering your website in such a way that it tends to appear in the top search results. Hence, gaining more organic webs traffic and converting more prospects into customers.

Best SEO strategies for the solar industry:

  • Keyword research: Incorporate the most popularly searched terms relating to solar products in your website content. This shall help you gain better web visibility in the search results of the people that search for solar products with similar key terms. 

  • Local SEO: Make your website visible in the top local search results. Pop up to the maximum enquirers in your locality with local SEO that includes ‘Google My Business’ listings, reviews, local keywords, etc.

  • On-page SEO: Perform in-linking, manage and structure content,  incorporate industry-relevant keywords, and more for attaining faster web recognition.

4. Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay-per-click advertising is undoubtedly the fastest mode of popularizing your solar products and increasing your sales. Run intriguing PPC ads and appear on the targeted audience’s browsing platforms. Successfully drive traffic to your website, and increase the customer conversion rate in less time. 

Recommendation for ad campaigns 

  • Advertise on e-commerce sites and apps like Amazon.
  • Google Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

5. Email Marketing

Use email as one of the most conventional and effective methods of marketing your solar products. Draft personal emails, automated emails, and general mass emails to establish relations with your prospects and customers, and promote your products widely.

Email Marketing Ideas for the solar company

  • Greeting email
  • Offer, price drop, and validity emails
  • Customer appreciation emails
  • Thanking email
  • Customer support emails 
  • Product awareness emails

6. Social Media Marketing

Besides promoting your solar products to large masses online, spread brand awareness, establish customer relationships, build brand reputation, trust, and credibility, etc., all through social media marketing. 

Recommended social media platforms for the solar company

  • Facebook: Create a Facebook handle for your solar brand. List all your products in the Facebook marketplace. Also, share graphical and informative posts regarding your products and services to a set of target audiences. 
  • Instagram: Post pictures, stories, informative captions, customer reviews, etc. Use popular hashtags and promote to the right audience, at the right time.
  • LinkedIn: At LinkedIn, connect with professionals, build brand image, target the real audience, run ads, and promote your solar company using the right content marketing service. 
  • Twitter: Grow your business with Twitter posts. Set your differentiators, address the sustainability crisis, and promote your solar products. Use relevant hashtags, and maintain post consistency for best results. 

Know the real benefits of our sales and marketing strategies for your solar business

  • With the right SEO practices discussed above, get higher search result rankings and drive maximum organic traffic to your solar website.
  • Provide client satisfaction and increase client conversion rate with smooth website performance, attractive website design, and the best optimizations techniques. 
  • Create a target audience to spread brand awareness, build a brand reputation, and establish customer relationships for your solar company with well-strategized social media marketing.
  • Efficiently reach out to your target audience by running ads on various platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and retargeting ads, etc. 
  • Stay connected to your qualified prospects and customers via email marketing. Keep updating them of your offers, services, and more to increase sales and keep in touch for a long time.