Turnkey Constructions

The real estate industry has expanded rapidly in recent decades. With so many people relying on the Internet before making any purchase, digital marketing is the best way to make your turnkey construction company visible. With GullySales’s strategically designed sales and marketing process, you can make that happen.

Challenges faced by Turnkey Construction Businesses

Today, people look for reviews, ratings or a virtual tour of a property even before they decide to buy it. As a result, not having a digital presence can cause problems to your turnkey construction business, such as:

  • High Competition
  • Poor Web Visibility
  • Fewer Lead and Sales Generations
  • Low ROI
  • Ineffective Brand Positioning

GullySales recommend 6 solutions to improve your turnkey construction company’s online presence

1. Website Design

One of the most vital aspects of optimizing your turnkey construction services is creating your company’s website. Your website will serve as a portfolio for your real estate brand. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, well-designed and provides all necessary information your customers need about turnkey services.

Website features for turnkey services

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Services Page
  • Projects Page
  • Blogs Page
  • Contact Us Page

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your turnkey construction website and its content must be SEO optimized. It aids the visibility of your website in Google’s top search results. With an effective SEO strategy, gain more clients because of high web visibility and traffic.

Best SEO strategy for Turnkey Construction Companies

  • Keyword Research – Learn about the search terms your clients use to get information on turnkey constructions and create related content to appear in their SERPs. For example – “home builders” or “cost of building a house” and more. 

  • On-Page SEO – Optimize your web pages with on-page elements like meta titles, meta descriptions, headings, & URLs and appear as the most common search result in turnkey services.

  • Local SEO – To attract customers from your region, add local keywords such as town or city name, zip code, location link, and reviews in your content. For example – “turnkey construction companies in (city name)” or “home builders in (city name)”.

3. Content Marketing

Make your prospective clients aware of your turnkey construction services by creating quality content. Besides, it’s a great way to boost your sales and marketing process. To demonstrate your expertise, create content on what things to consider before hiring a commercial contract or how you should design your building & more.

Content ideas for Turnkey Construction companies

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Customer Stories
  • FAQ Page
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a popular sales and marketing strategy for real estate businesses. It’s a great way to increase the value of your online presence while also promoting your turnkey construction services. Create relevant content and increase your likelihood of conversions by creating a loyal following.

Best social media platforms to promote your Turnkey Construction business

  • LinkedIn – You can use your LinkedIn Company Page to connect with the contractors or post videos to display your most successful projects.

  • Facebook – Create Facebook campaigns to promote your turnkey services in various real estate and property groups where you can find your customer base.

  • Instagram – On Instagram, post images, carousels and videos with the right hashtags to highlight your turnkey services and target millennial home buyers.

5. Email Marketing

In the real estate business, email marketing has the highest conversion rate. Besides, it also improves your sales and marketing process by allowing you to stay in touch with your existing clients. Also, emails are a great way to keep your clients updated about your company, projects, special offers & more.

Email Marketing ideas for Turnkey Construction businesses

  • Greetings Email
  • Property Listing Email
  • Testimonial Email
  • Real Estate Tips Email
  • Explainer Videos Email

6. Paid Ads

For your turnkey construction company, paid ads are the best way to generate leads quickly. The more leads you generate, the more likely you will close more deals.

Paid ads for Turnkey Construction Companies

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Retargeting Ads

Sales and Marketing Benefits for Turnkey Construction Companies

  • With a professional website, promote your turnkey construction services 24/7 and attract potential clients anytime!
  • With SEO, secure the best Google rankings and be the leading turnkey construction company in your region.
  • Using quality content engages your followers, creates communities, and effectively markets your turnkey business.
  • Through social media, expand your turnkey business globally while also responding to customer queries.
  • Build client credibility as well as gain a high ROI with email marketing.
  • With paid ads, evaluate your turnkey construction’s website activity and target the right clients.