What are Case Studies?

Case studies help the prospective customers in making a decision, whether to choose you as a vendor or not during their buyer research stage. Case studies are developed by the means of formal research. These can be in the form of journals, conferences, or research venues.
In Simple, It is a detailed study on a particular subject or a person describing the different aspects of their problems

Types of Case studies

  • Collective case studies: Researching or studying a group of individuals or a certain community.
  • Descriptive case studies: This study is done by observing and gathering information on your subject.
  • Explanatory case studies: Explanatory case study is formally studied in terms of quantitative research where numbers are the terms used to explain the scenario. It needs lots of investigation and focus.
  • Exploratory case studies: These are the research methods that are studied before you have developed your research question. This helps in collecting more materials for research purposes.
  • Instrumental case studies: This research needs practical knowledge than just observations. Hence, researchers experiment with the study practically for research.
  • Intrinsic case studies: This case study is researched by the person who has a personal interest in it