Sales and Marketing Jobs

Common Sales and Marketing Jobs

Inside Sales

  • Working from office
  • Generate leads through email, phone, and online
  • Work on Cold leads



Outside Sales / Field Sales

  • In-person visit to prospects or customer location
  • Accountable for a particular territory
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Self Motivated
  • Face-to-Face interactions with prospects and customers

B2B Sales

  • Sell to Businesses

B2C Sales

  • Sell to consumers

Lead generation reps or sales development reps

  • Interaction with prospects through email
  • Interaction with prospects through phone call
  • Interaction with prospects through face-to-face meetings
  • Metrics to track number of emails sent, number of calls made



Account Executive

  • Run recap meetings
  • Running demos
  • Give Presentations
  • Experienced in Solution Selling by understanding buyer goals, challenges
  • Handle buyer objections
  • Generating opportunities
  • Closing deals


  • Researching and Sourcing of prospective customers



Account Management

  • Manage existing customer accounts
  • Fulfill the needs of the customer
  • Metrics to track is retention of customers