Sales Pipeline Key Performance Indicators

Sales Pipeline key performance indicators measure the success or performance of your sales pipeline, individual reps, team, department, business in a given week, month or year

Number of Opportunities or deals in your sales pipeline

Total opportunities that are currently there in Sales Pipeline

Average opportunity or deal size

Average opportunity or deal size is a measure of how much revenue does the average deal bring in. Formula is - Sum of value of won deals or opportunities / number of won deals

Win rate

Win rate is a measure of how many number of qualified leads that convert to customers. Formula is number of deals won / number of deals created

Pipeline Value

Total value of all the opportunities or deals in Sales Pipeline

Sales Velocity

Total time taken to win a opportunity

Average sales cycle

Average sales cycle metric helps us understand how long does it take to close a opportunity or deal. Formula is - Total number of days to close deals / number of closed deals

Sales by customer

Sales by customer metric helps us understand total sales breakdown by customer

Sales by Owner

This metrics helps us understand total sales by sales rep

Deal loss reasons

Understanding deal loss reasons helps us to fill the mistakes and close more deals going forward.