Sales Strategy Steps

Ideal Client Profile

The client’s profile that is a perfect fit for your organisation is an ideal client profile.

Your ideal client's profile should include:

  • Details about your company like size, goals, and whichever industry that comes under
  • Company’s budget and revenue
  • What kind of product and services a company gives.
  • Client’s satisfaction
  • Involvement while signing off the purchases
  • Deadlines for the purchase

How to understand your clients:

  • Use and adjust with the client’s interests for marketing
  • Launch new products or services earlier than the due date
  • Acclimatize your sales process to know their purchasing routine
  • Improvise and come up with new ideas to meet their needs and demands.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT refers to the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat of a business.


With an accurate idea of your competitor’s business attributes and online presence, you could prepare a listing of their strengths.



Ensure to list the weaknesses of their online presence as their content might lack certain areas you can fill up.
You could benefit from a totally quick gain if they have a vulnerable online presence. Know your competitor’s organic keywords.


Opportunities occurs primarily based on the listing of weaknesses.


There can be a few competitors who are ambitious that can be a threat to your company.

Content Marketing Strategy

Create content by planning, developing, and managing to optimize it on websites, blogs, and social media.

Revenue Goals

Do not let your budget exceed your revenue; Maintain your spending's within your budget list to stop yourself from incurring a loss.

Brand Positioning

Highlight the unique value personality of your brand to help your client memorize your brand.

Action plan

Draw up a strategic plan per the buyer's persona and buyer's journey to reach your target.