What is local SEO?

Local SEO is like search engine optimization (SEO), but it helps your small businesses to be more visible in search engines and optimizes the local searches in Google.

Local SEO involves


Focus content (videos, images, animation, etc) on local keywords so that you can reach your target audience easily.

On-page optimization

Optimize your page by including the name, place, and product offered by the company in the title tag.

Link building

The focus is on your own region, hence you will add on links that are applicable and within your local region.

Importance of Local SEO

  • Allows you to input your website information
  • Your product and services offered can be highlighted using SEO techniques in your website to be promoted.
  • Helps potential customers discover your website
  • It is the cost-effective marketing strategy

Local SEO Checklist

Website optimization

Optimizing your website for local SEO leads to more traffic and visibility since your target audience is local customers.

Location of your company

Add a Map for customers to navigate your business.

Add Testimonials

This is the most influential tool for social benefits to convey the smooth functioning of the company. Eg; Feedback.

Add Schema

It is a code placed for the crawlers to give your customers or users additional information.

Create a Dedicated Contact Page

Make sure that you have provided detailed information about your business to your customers. The most important information is:

  • Name of your company: The name of your company must be properly typed with a logo.
  • Address of your company: Include All of Your Business Addresses
  • Contactable Phone number: Make Phone Numbers Clickable on Mobile Devices

Claim Your Online Profiles – Especially Google My Business

You need to own your business profile so that, if there are any changes to make, you can update it yourself.

  • Google My Business: Managing your business online is the most important to have a presence across google. Google my business is a tool that helps in managing your business online.
  • Any Local Listings: It is the online profile that contains your business details like name, address, and place of business. Some of the profile makers are:
    • Google business listing
    • Bing places for business
    • Yelp
    • Foursquare
    • Yellow pages
    • Just Dial
  • Claim Other Social Profiles: Your profile for your business is to Improve Local SEO in google to be visible to your customers.

Local SEO involves

Create Local Content

Your local content helps in answering the query of search engines and people on the business and its product and services offered.

  • Build Links: Good links can help in getting your company its accomplishment.
  • Know the target audience: To sell your product and services, it is essential to know your audience’s preferences.
  • Avoid Local Content mistakes: To avoid content mistakes, make sure you follow the below tips:
    • Maintain your blog daily so that your traffic is increased, you have better connections in social media, and ranking in SERPs.
    • Email marketing must not be avoided or ignored, make them mobile-friendly, add CTAs and use your business’s social media links to boost up.
    • Social media can be a fun task, but make sure you don’t mishandle it by not posting usually.
    • Be Seo-friendly and do not work against its ethics.
    • Your quality wins over quantity, your content must be short and understandable.
  • Customer Reviews Give a Local SEO Boost: To position your business in SERPs and for more visibility, the feedback from customers plays a very vital role as their reviews contain more keywords.
  • Build Citations: This provides an upper hand for Local SEO as it conveys consistency, accuracy, and relevance about your business. It is similar to link building.
    • Local Search Engines: It improves local SEO rankings, visibility and increases website traffic.
    • Local Blogs: These help in optimizing local SEO and provide visibility in google.
    • Locally Focused Directories: You need to optimize each listing for the name, address, and place to ensure visibility in the search engines.
    • Industry–Focused Blogs: Blogs that only focus on their industry’s products and services to be marketed and advertised.

Benefits of Local SEO

  • Improves organic traffic
  • You will be ranked on the search engine result page (SERPs)
  • Your quality content will bring in more visitors
  • More site visitors, more traffic
  • Your customers will contact you for queries
  • Your audience will start searching and navigating your stores
  • More sales, more profit
  • Your customers will purchase from you repeatedly
  • LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook can give you community outreach
  • Make marketing campaigns more fun, simple, and generous
  • Earn trust, drive organic traffic and rank higher in search
  • More feedback, more visibility, more understanding
  • Helps in spending less on advertisements