What is keyword research and analysis?

A keyword analysis is a technique of acquiring visibility via analyzing the phrase searched by the customers crawled, with the aid of the crawlers searching for your website through organic or paid-to browse.

Importance of Keyword research & analysis

Research your keywords before you start writing your content. Keywords are one of the most effective techniques to drive organic traffic and visibility in search engines.

Optimize than spending

Usage of keywords that already rank is more effective than the ones that are not acquiring you any results.

Convert keywords

High converting keywords drive high conversion rates


There are many tools to compare the keywords for the market that will help in using different parts of your business.

Dedicate your time

Search for keywords in other websites that have the same business strategy as yours and analyze accordingly.

Find your competitors

Know your competitors and plan your keywords compared with theirs.

Keyword analysis with five keyword metrics

Search volume

Search volume is the timeframe used to search for a particular keyword. It is to show SEO and marketers the specific keywords that drive traffic every time. It includes:

  • Number of times the keyword is searched
  • You will be ranked among the traffic
  • An annual average of the keyword been searched in a year

Keyword difficulty

It can help you understand how important it is to balance money and time for a keyword to optimize your organic page or bid for a keyword in a Google Ads campaign. This includes:

  • Total backlinks used with good quality
  • Domain authority rate
  • Quantity of the content material, understandability, and worthy research
  • Usage of proper keywords
  • The objective of a searcher
  • Using your brand as a keyword

Cost Per Click (CPC)

The certain amount paid for every click for your pay per click (PPC) within the advertising and marketing campaign is referred to as the cost per click.

Traffic potential

A particular keyword might have the potential to drive traffic but focusing on it for long just for a rank can lead your business to disadvantage as the focus is more on keywords than the goals


There is keyword exploring tools to choose the best keywords that are best clicked that can be used for your content.

Steps for Keyword Analysis


Examine whether your website is capable with certain keywords

Organic keywords

Find keywords that can rank your website in SERPs through organic keywords, not paid.

Paid competition

The PPC keyword tools will help you in measuring your competitors.

Paid Keywords

Use keyword surfer to see which are paid keywords.


Compare keywords

Comparison of keywords includes the below factors:

  • Optimize Your heading with Multiple Keywords
  • Use Subheadings to better understand your content
  • Keep aside Keyword Density and focus on your content and business goals
  • Meta Descriptions optimization
  • Use Anchor Text

Find your competitors

There are tools to find your competitors;

  • Target businesses that go along with your business
  • Find competitors that have a similar score
  • With the use of Alexa rank check the site rank



Benefits of performing Keyword Analysis

  • To examine others site performance
  • figuring out keyword gaps and possibilities
  • Rejection of keywords that might be from your reach
  • Using your findings to create future search engine optimization content material and guide your method