What is an SEO Report?

This report gives an overall result of the performance of your website in the search engine. The report focuses on the below criteria:

  • Domain metrics
  • Organic traffic
  • Rankings

SEO Reports include


The progress report helps in knowing what the online users want. It will show you whether you are on the right track or you need to make changes.


Here, the reports show the traffic and Return on investment growth.


It is the report on the number of visitors who visited your website. Organic traffic is the healthiest as it is not expensive and Seo is all about organic ranking.

Conversion rate

This is differentiated into two leads that are inbound and outbound activities. The inbound leads have a higher conversion rate than the outbound because inbound leads are through online distribution of content, whereas outbound is through print or advertising.

Completion of your target

This metric is used in understanding the number of people who have signed up or subscribed, which completes the marketing goal of the content.

Page-level traffic

This report helps in finding out what people are clicking to bring you traffic. This helps the client to decide on whether to enhance the web page, upload more videos, or not.

Page speed insight

IT is google provided an online tool that helps in identifying the site performance and issue. This tool analyses the website in UX and accessibility direction.

Bounce rate

This shows how much time the users have spent their time on your website. The bounce rate is calculated on: the person's sudden exit from the website without spending any time.


Backlinks help in more visibility and SEO-friendly, as the search engine renders these links as a healthy and informative site. More visibility will lead to ranking your pages in the SERPs. This report also gives you information on how much traffic is driven with the source of new links.

Keyword Ranking

Search for the best-clicked keywords with the help of various keyword research tools like SEMrush, Wordstream, Google Console, Google Trends, etc.


To reach your goals, you need to make perfect SEO reports. Here are some tips:

  • Traffic: Increase your organic traffic
  • Conversion rate: maximize your conversion rate from prospects, leads to potential customers.
  • Completion of your goal: Achieve your SEO strategy
  • Page-level traffic: share your service page with all your prospects and potential customers.
  • Page speed insight: Conduct a page speed analysis to see whether your page lads faster or not.
  • Bounce rate: create your content in a way your prospects must stay at your site.
  • Backlinks: Produce links from sharing your content on social media platforms and guest blogging.
  • Keyword ranking: use links that have a higher ranking in the search engine with keyword research tools and analytics

Summary on SEO Reports:

Keyword Ranking

  • Keywords that give you more clicks
  • keywords that provide you with good impressions
  • Keywords gathered for average position
  • keywords researched regarding CTR(click-through rate)

Organic Search landing Pages

  • Traffic By platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram
  • Traffic By android, iPhone, or windows.
  • Traffic from new subscribers and old.

Conversions via Organic Traffic

  • Traffic without payment
  • Sales and Revenue from Organic
  • Profitable transactions from Organic

Organic Revenue by Demographic

  • Purchases from organic browsing by using age as a segmentation.
  • Sales via location (Country)
  • Sales via gender
  • Sales via new v/s returning customers

The overall report of publication of Links and Content

  • URL landed this month
  • URL landed to date
  • Content published this month
  • Content published to this point

SEO Health overall report

  • Replica content material decrease in word Counts
  • Lacking alt tags and broken photographs
  • HTML troubles and broken lines


URL Crawled

The number of times your URL has been searched in Google.

Ranking Insights

The report of your website being ranked on the search engine result page.

Backlink Overall report

  • The number of backlinks you earned for the customer
  • The high-quality of the hyperlinks you received
  • Pinnacle Anchor Texts
  • The range of any links that have been misplaced
  • How a good deal of visitors your new backlinks are bringing in