What is an SEO Team?

Every business wants its website and sales to strike up on the search engine result page, creating high usability and visibility in the search engine. Gathering various specialists and experts for the sake of optimizing the website is the SEO Team.

  • It is a build-up team to optimize the website
  • To increase the search ranking
  • Increase online visibility.

For managing your SEO team. You need to focus on the below aspects

  • For an organic, traffic-driven plan, you need SEO specialists.
  • You need to have a unique approach to your content.
  • Communication is the key, so make sure you make decisions together
  • Divide and Give everybody different tasks so that you can cover your goal
  • Tools, this is the important managerial focus, most of the tools need payment, and this must be given freely to your team.
  • A good plan clears your path to the smooth functioning of all the tasks.
  • Encourage your teammates to enhance their SEO knowledge
  • Keep in mind the legal aspects.

Fundamentals of an SEO team

Content team

For content writers, they need their team. Overlapping Seo and content writing will not work because both work in two different professional worlds.


Like the first fundamental, the IT field and SEO can’t work together they are needed to word separately. Everybody needs their professional place.

Technical and creative

You cannot have two elements in one person. There must be one part of the team to work in technical aspects and others in the creative point of view.

SEO Teams consists of the following key positions:

SEO Director

An SEO Director handles managing and overseeing the research, thereby, with the help of the digital marketing team, to run an effective campaign and optimize the business website, social media, and other content.

SEO Digital strategist

This person is an SEO expert who implements SEO and social media strategies for clients.

SEO Project manager:

The project manager has too many responsibilities on their plate. The project manager has to define the project goal, outline the project plan and due date, assign roles and responsibilities, track progress and the toughest one keeps everyone on track.

SEO Project Coordinator:

The manager, makes sure the SEO plan in action is executed under the strategy provided to the team.

SEO Technical Lead:

A leader who is an expert in all the technical SEO matters within the Seo community or team.

SEO Head of content/content marketing:

The head of the content handles marketing the content campaign for the business.

SEO Digital PR and Social Media Managers:

Your business needs to have relationships with the public, here, Digital PR will take the initiative in reaching out to the press or any other industry and the social media manager will publicize the content on the social media platforms. Here, both have a very active role to play.