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About Gully Sales

Gully Sales is a technology-driven sales process design and consulting company created to simplify sales for businesses. The company undertakes sales audits as its primary strategy to understand clients’ sales & marketing activities. By the analysis, Gully Sales identifies inefficiencies in the client’s sales process, implements solutions by leveraging automation tools and sales roadmaps, and accelerates their business.

Gully Sales sales process strategy includes planning, prospecting, lead generation and tracking, task prioritization, sales enablement, and sales forecasting. For your business simplification and expansion, the company helps with digital sales transformation through digital marketing.


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Gully Sales offers sales and marketing solutions to help you see what’s working and fix what’s not.

Sales Process Implementation

Define repeatable set of sales steps

Build your sales and marketing playbook and toolkits like:

1. Prospecting
2. Sales Enablement
3. Lead Generation
4. Lead Qualification
5. Sales Closure


Training and Coaching

Implement data-backed coaching

Create high performance team by actively training and coaching through:

1. Meeting Roleplays
2. Weekly check-ins
3. Call listening
4. Call shadowing
5. Email reviews


Automate Sales Process

Minimize time spent away from revenue generating activities

Improve your team productivity by automating parts of sales process:

1. Buyer Persona Management
2. Sales Process Design Software
3. Marketing Process Design Software
4. Email and Call Integration
5. Contact Management
6. Lead Management
7. Quotes/Proposal Management
8. Pipeline Management
9. Meeting scheduling and follow-ups
10. Content automation
11. Meeting follow-ups
12. Lead scoring
13. Rep assignments


Sales Intelligence

Leverage competitive data

Measure and track your sales and marketing process return on Investment:

1. Rep activity data
2. Pipeline velocity
3. Competitive and market data
4. Performance against quota
5. Cross / upsell
6. Forecasting
7. Target account information (ABM)
8. Analytics dashboard for Marketing
9. Managers/Executives
10. Analytics dashboard for Sales

Our Services

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This series is designed to help you bring effectiveness and efficiency in sales for your business. These toolkits will enable you to learn sales skills, define your buyer persona, customer segmentation and prospecting, connect with customers and closing deals with more confidence.

Content Writing

Content Promotion

Personal Branding

Case Studies

Web Development

Web Design

Logo Design

Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design


Gully Sales powers sales and marketing process for these customers.

Channel Sales

Gully Sales channel partners will help you expand your business

Submit your basic details about your business, company registration and few more documents

Our market research team with speak to your customers and verify your success stories, and case studies.

Train channel partners with your sales process including buyer persona, prospecting, lead generation and closure

Set channel partner rewards and incentives for new business orders and repeat business orders

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