The guide to designing effective and efficient sales process

This series is designed to help you bring effectiveness and efficiency in sales for your business. These toolkits will enable you to learn sales skills, define your buyer persona, customer segmentation and prospecting, connect with customers and closing deals with more confidence.

1. Strategic Plan

Plans that helps in long term achievement of goals or objective of the organisation.

  • Strategy Key Elements
  • Sales Strategy Steps
  • Inbound Sales Strategy
  • Sales Strategy Benefits

2. Buyer Persona

Buyer persona is the fictional representation of an ideal customer based on their demographics, geographics, contextual and behavioural outlook.

  • Buyer Types
  • Buyer Persona Characteristics
  • Buyer Persona Stages
  • Buyer Persona Steps
  • Buyer Persona Benefits

3. Prospecting

Process to attract prospects, stimulate interest in them, and draw them to your offerings for propagating sales.

  • Prospecting Types
  • Prospecting Steps
  • Prospecting Myths
  • Prospecting Skills
  • Prospecting Benefits
  • Prospecting Techniques
  • Prospecting Tools

4. Sales Enablement

To provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process.

  • Message Templates
  • Call Scripts
  • Product Demos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Email Templates
  • Informative Blog Posts

5. Lead Generation

Ensures your sales pipeline is topped with qualified leads from companies that you already know are a good fit.

  • Mutual Connection Sourcing
  • Trigger Events
  • Word of Mouth
  • Webinars / Events
  • Connectors
  • Channel Sales Partners

6. Sales Qualification

Sales qualification helps to understand if the prospect is a good fit for your products or service.

  • Understand your prospective customer challenges
  • Qualifying Prospect
  • Qualifying Leads
  • Qualifying Opportunity
  • Qisqualify

7. Sales Closing

This initiates while the purchaser is ready to close the deal with your business.

  • Meeting Preparation Checklist
  • Create Custom Presentation
  • Success Stories
  • High Impact Questions
  • Handling Sales Objections
  • Qualifying Questions

8. Sales Management

Sales qualification helps to understand if the prospect is a good fit for your products or service.

  • Optimize Sales Process to be effective and efficient
  • Define Buyer Personas and Map Buyer Journey
  • Sales Team Hiring
  • Sales Team Onboarding
  • Sales Team Coaching
  • Sales and Marketing Jobs

9. Sales Referrals

  • Deliver minimum 75% of the promises made to your customer by your sales team
  • Generate recurring business through customers
  • Happy customers naturally advocates about your products or services to their family and friends
  • Conduct Net Promoter Score to measure customer satisfaction level
This initiates while the purchaser is ready to refer you more business.

10. Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline displays the sales quotas on the number of sales on a yearly and monthly basis to determine the revenue.

  • Define Sales Targets
  • Define how many opportunities are needed
  • Define average opportunity value
  • Define Sales Pipleline Stages
  • Identify time taken by Prospects in each sales process stages
  • Identify conversion rate from one sales process stage to another
  • Keep feeding the pipeline by doing continous Prospecting
  • At every pipeline stage, define the standard follow-up turn around time
  • Define average time deal needs to stay in the sales pipeline
  • Sales Pipeline Metrics